i don’t blame k. michelle tbh.
some of us can be really cruel on socials about people’s looks.
you know if you don’t look like a 10 on this social media shit,
you are somewhere at the back of the line.
so if someone can get a good doctor to make them look like their filters

I’m sure they won’t be turning that down.

k. michelle looks like a completely different human these days…


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…annnnnnnnnnnnd i’ll be controversial in my stance but think she looks great.

WTF is her alleged doctor?

i’ll font “alleged” cause folks love to tell us this all happened with a good night’s sleep.
that alleged mofo is talented and gonna be booked well into 2025.

i feel like facial morphing should always look good and natural.
in my head,
i feel like k does light touches and tweaks.
i don’t understand this cat drama looks that some of these folks love so much.

^this vixen tweaked her face to look like a cat but on purpose tho.
( x see it here )
they end up always looking like jigsaw from the saw movies.

make your choice“…
and it needs to be on the same level as k michelle’s transformation.
not even cappin.
anything else is fraudulent.


  1. I need to see her in motion.

    The lighting & angle has a lot to do with this photograph. ( Good Lace, Make- up ,Quality lashes and closed mouth in her case, canceling her ” Horse Teeth Characteristics”)

    Looking up into the camera with good light is an old trick of mine too. It is a “NO COST “Surgery trick !! ( ha ha ha ha )

    Thank me later yawl. ( Wink)

  2. It’s facetune she’s had work done but the mixed girl look people keep taking about and light skin is just good editing bc her videos show a natural complexion

    K gets lip injections and cheek fillers regularly and has had a nose job since love and hip hop Hollywood

    What’s so funny to me is how we give ppl grace when it’s too late

    lil Kim was abused and we have these fake think pieces about her getting surgery to fix her face. Her surgery began way before her relationship with Damien and continues long after

    But we feel sorry for her now that she’s “ruined” her beauty but then we clown people who are presently pursuing their choice of look

    Social tries to vilify k Michelle who has openly said she got surgery and suffered from body dysmorphia but we praise girls who get bbls

    1. I was gonna say, wait until we see her on video! K. Michelle is full of everything but use of talent. Someone as talented as her shouldn’t even have time to be playing on ppls wifi w these filter games. Yall keep her in yalls prayers…

  3. I think she looks great too! Her transformation looks very natural. And when I can afford to be able to someday, I am getting some plastic surgery done on myself too. I already know some of the different things that I’m going to get done. And most of it, will just be done to enhance my features. Or accentuate the features that I do already like about myself. I don’t see anything wrong with it, if it’s done tastefully AND if it makes you feel better. People have to do what makes them happy. Screw what others think.

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