so remember dylan gonzalez accusations that trey songz allegedly raped her?
( x refresher course )
well she said she was gonna see us in 222 and that she did.
this is what she put on her socials…

trey songz is usually quiet on these issues,
but he finally made a statement via tmz:

“…a rep for Trey tells TMZ … “Trey and his team are confident in the legal process and that there will be an abundance of exonerating information to come over the next few weeks.”

so i’ve been doing a little snooping around about this.
a fox likes to do his sniffin’ to get more details during a scandal.
between myself and the foxhole,
we gets what we need to get us to where we need to be.
based on my research

I’ve read from alleged sources that Trey Songz likes really rough sex.
he is into choking you until he cums and other rough shit in bed.
It seems like he fucks you like he is angry with you for whatever reason.

In my head,
he might get off to fuckin’ someone really hard until HE can’t take it anymore.

With that being fonted…

Is he fuckin’ these vixens and ignoring the words “STOP” and “NO”?

for some males,
the idea that “you can’t take it” is more reason to go harder.
some males don’t understand that not everyone is into violent sex.
they are selfish and into their pleasure,
which can turn into something that feels like you’re being raped.
sex can’t hurt and if you are pinned down,
even being choked until you’re senseless,
it can feel like rape if someone isn’t respecting your wishes.
i was JUST watching a video about how society violently speaks about sex:

that language can be sexy at times,
but some males can be really aggressive during intercourse.
they get off in tearing you a new hole.
we just met and you’re already angry with me.
you are trying to spit in my mouth,
choke me until i can’t breathe,
and spank me until i can’t sit down on one side.

Some are into that and others aren’t.

i was wondering if this is the case with trey songz?
is he an alleged violent rapist as the accusations are making him to be?

we shall see how this ends for trey in 222.

lowkey: do you think the audience,
those that are fans and those who desired him,
 created this alleged monster?

article cc: tmz


  1. Trey Songz
    Is subliminally re-enacting his own rape. He was probably, and sadly I say it, raped. Not molested, raped; as in penetrated.
    A wolf I was really into many years ago used to do the two to four a.m. hookup on the low. Amazing body, abs and good chocolate thick 🍆. He would get his blow and go after busting two nuts, sometimes three. He was lightweight rough on my throat; nothing I couldn’t handle. Very verbal and dominating.
    We hook up a few years after he spent three years in the clink for some shit. That fresh outta jail dick needed the full no hands treatment and I obliged. This time, however, he fucked my mouth until I threw up. Made me choke, the works. He intentionally dogged it out. It was not fun at all.
    I repeatedly thereafter rebuffed his pleas for repeats. I sense he was throat raped in prison and took it out on me.
    Trey knows he needs to stop and get counseling before he gets hurt by some vixen, frfr.☹️

  2. We feed these men’s egos and they think no isn’t definite

    This is a constant thing in gay and straight culture

    And I’m currently working on a thread about the promotion of hyper sexuality to men from young

    How many times do we hear “that’s how men are” or “men are supposed to be aggressive” when it comes to sex. Or “red blooded males are hunters”

    It’s a savage mentality and if you don’t play into it or you’re not braggadocios boisterous you are less macho

  3. That ” Spitting in the Mouth ” video was enough for me. Not only did it confirm his sadistic tendencies, but his stupidity for filming it .Girls are drawn into the fame and his looks. When they want out its too late.

    1. I honestly think the aggressive sex stuff is rooted in early childhood trauma. There could also be some intersectionality with suppressed same-gender-loving desires. The need/desire to anally rape a woman could tie to the anger one might experience while “having” to be with a woman to maintain one’s masculine frame and position in society and business.

  4. I think the audience, his fans and being addicted to FAME exacerbated this, however I think He created this himself. I feel He was always a predator but when he became famous he could get Women to do whatever he wanted and that became the problem. Fed His Ego and his sexual appetite at the same time. Now he feels Women are only here for his enjoyment.

    1. Call a spade a spade…it is a form of MENTAL ILLNESS. Despite where it stems from the destination is the same UNHEALTHY. We cannot be afraid to call it what it is. It’s only then that it can truly begin to be dealt with appropriately. Many men (black, white, celebrity, or John Doe) have serious psychological issues and triggers than manifest in social and sexual behavioral vulgarities. It is what it is. Trey Songz (as fine as he may be), along with many others ([Kan]Ye, Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Jason Derulo, Steven Beck, Tanksnlove, Grandy Glaze, Demetrius Jenkins, Malik Joseph, and the list goes on and on) all have some serious mental health issues that need to be treated by medical professionals. Until they get help, there will sadly be more stories like this.

  5. So many women have come forward about him. From trapping them in a hotel room, to KeKe Palmer telling everyone how he was. All of these women can’t be lying. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Shudda just settled for bussy’…no lawsuits cause rough and anal is what’s required for some of my niggas. Lol

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