euphoria season 1 on hbo was a breakthrough show for me.
they lured me in with “this episode will have 1,000 penises” in it but they sure did deliver.
zendaya did her transition to adult serious content the right way.
i was excited to see what they would bring forth with season 2.

Was that season 2 opener a roller coaster ride or WHAT?!

i was still processing long after it was over.
so i have a few thoughts:

That opening sequence was well shot and I felt like it was a Scorsese movie.
Fez’s grandmother was a bad irresponsible bitch,
wasn’t she?

Fez and his brother growing up was kinda sad.
They literally had no chance of not becoming crime Lords.
I love how this show always shows us their “before” background stories.
It really adds depth to the characters.

I coulda done without that hammer scene tbh.

I coulda done without that vixen and the inflated lips tbh.
Did she inject the heroin into her lips too?

That scene with them getting naked at that drug dealer’s crib was crazy.
I’m like what am I even watching right now.
I did laugh when he hit Heroin Big Lips head into the wall.

Did Cassie’s sister really let her sister get out of a car drunk af,
and wanted to know if she was okay?
What in the “failed designated non-drinker” is going on?

That scene with Nate and Cassie in the truck gave me so much anxiety.
I did like it was showing that he was allowing her to “let go” if that makes sense.

Were Cassie and Nate fuckin’ or were they kissing violently?
His pants were not off in the bathroom.
It looked like the prelude to fuckin from my end.

Cassie is so broken and is losing her ever-loving mind.


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you are hiding in someone’s tub (God willing it was cleaned) and got a pee towel to the face.
Not to mention you are getting wrapped up in your best friend’s triflin’ ass jackal of an ax.
This is not you sis,
this is not you.

Sydney Sweeney has,
the perfect breasts.
I feel like she needs to start keeping them under wraps tho.
That’s her signature.

Is it me or was this another uncomfortable scene?

Was Nate trying to fuck Mckay too?
He was alllllllll up in his face and being extra.
Straight wolves love to hear the “After Smash” gossip like vixens do.

Not gonna lie,
I’ve had a dude do that to me before.
Not to that extent or context,
but he was drunk and all up in my face.
It made me uncomfortable so that scene kinda triggered me.
When males are “outta their minds” drunk,
you gotta be on guard for foolishness.

Maddie is so self-absorbed.
When BMF Guy pulled that bathroom curtain,
she would have busted Cassie laying there.
Maddie was like “I don’t care about some drunk bitch” and dipped.
I’m ashamed to say I’m Maddie in that instance too.

Fez beating Nate’s ass was 5 stars.

Fez and Lexi probably hooking up are 5 stars.

I use to run with a straight wolf who looked like Fez.
Every time I see him,
I think of ___________.

There was a lot of white penis in this opening.
“White penis” is in the credits as “guest star”.

As much as this is a teen drama,
it’s surprising adults act like this too.
We won’t actually leave high school just because we grow up.
I’ve seen this shit in folk’s big age at work and social settings.
Drama has no age limit.

i think that is it.
i don’t think I’m missing anything else,
but i will not be missing euphoria on hbo.
i will be bright and early every sunday at 9 pm.

2021 gossip girl writers should take notes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Honestly, one of the best season openers I’ve seen in awhile. Had me on edge the entire time.

    The Rue and Jules reconnection I could’ve done without. I’d prefer Rue exploring the druggy dude that saved her life in the laundry room.

  2. My jaw was dropped the entire episode. I appreciated Fez’s backstory because I tend to forget about him. I felt like someone put the Sopranos and Euphoria in a blender, LOL…can’t wait for the rest of season 2.

    1. You covered everything. This episode was fantastic. I love these characters. Well, besides Nate’s sociopathic ass.

  3. Jamari I was triggered all the way out by that car ride too. Don’t think I can watch it again lol. Great show. Thanks for your witty synopsis — looking forward to more.

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