almost everyone i know is sick with the rona and that has me paranoid.
i’m still mourning my sister’s aunts death and lowkey thinking about my sister’s own life.
the news has been extra on the doom and gloom as of late.
can we talk about the stores being bare?
i did an order through instacart yesterday and…

don’t even get me started on my stores telling me they don’t have tropicana anything.

the new mayor,
eric adams,
is trash.
it’s only been 12 days and this asshole is trying to take the record as most hated.
i thought this fool came here to clean up all this crime.
talmbout we need a major with “swagger“.

it ain’t you.

When I font that I’m over it rn?

mental exhaustion is real.
when you take the role of creating content,
it can become really stressful when things are going haywire in your bts.
some people think everyone just wakes up on “robot” mode and goes at it.
they don’t realize the amount of energy and mental resources it can take.
this is why i hated working front desk positions at times.

I always had to be ON when I was feeling OFF.

this is how i know i couldn’t be a celebrity.
you have to force yourself to be ON so you didn’t get a bad review by selfish people.
once i started putting my mental health as first priority,
i learned to take breaks when i needed it.
i’m back for now.

lowkey: b and rih get to take breaks and come back strong.
kim kardashian is always on and that seems so draining to me.

jamari fox will do the same when i’ve had it.

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2 thoughts on “TURN THAT DAMN LIGHT OFF”

  1. 🦊
    You have to look inward and search deep and you will find the vein of silver in the lining of your soul. The light is there. We have to dig into the dung heap to find that nugget of gold. The earth is immersed in sorrow and sadness. But in my corner of the world and in your corner; let’s try and just enjoy the beauty of the 🌈 rainbow despite not knowing if there is gold at the end of it? God is here for us. Embrace His promises of protection and confess them aloud. You will feel peace.
    Dorothy Ashby is a jazz harpist, from the old school, like Duke Ellington and John Coltrane. Check her out.❤️I do not live in NYC, but I feel you on Eric Adams.

    1. ^ i’ve been really getting into jazz and listening to more love songs as of late.
      it’s really been helping me feel good and a more positive outlook.
      i’ve been purposely avoiding sad songs and albums,
      which are usually my go to comfort.
      i’ve started to listen to new and old artists too.
      thank you for these kind and inspiring words!
      feeling a little better once i got back into my groove.

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