another only fans?
from the following story,
it seems our good baller wolf,

antonio brown,
wanted this released to an attentionista’s onlyfans too.
ab couldn’t resist the sweet nectar that has ruined many men like him before.
the night before ( x “stormed off”-gate ),
he was allegedly up inside the rabid nectar of onlyfans creator,
ava louise.


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she sent a shit ton of receipts to “daily mail” about her adventure that night:

he kept his shirt on during this sexcapade?
he snuck her to his hotel and she claims he wanted her to post the videos to her onlyfans

“...the pair went on to have sex – which Brown insisted on filming for her Only Fans account.

Louise said: ‘When we had sex, he wanted to film it and make a tape on my phone. He wanted me to put it out there.

‘I looked at him and I’m like, are you being serious right now? He was. Again, I’m like, you’re Antonio Brown – why would you want that scandal?

‘But he wanted to create that. I think it was purposeful considering how he’s been acting in the media. He wants that controversy, he wants this attached to his name.’

She added: ‘He knows I have an Only Fans – he told me, let’s make a tape for your Only Fans. Obviously, I’m not putting it out there right now but that’s pretty crazy.'”

i mean…
this might not be the alleged first time he might have been a star on someone’s onlyfans.
( x click here for the alleged story )

he is still with that baby mama of his too?
i forgot to mention!
that same vixen licked a toilet in an airplane bathroom to compete with the rona too.

of all the hoes in the world,
he chose this hoe.


i have so many questions
that will probably be answered.
ab tends to be an open book with his mess.
we love to see it.

 since he has been ( x kicked off the bucs ),
he can start an onlyfans career.
let’s hope she releases those tapes for our viewing pleasure.
i’d like to be sent them for review when they drop.

lowkey: she was ready to send this story in,
she’ll be forgotten if she doesn’t provide all that she said.

pictures and article cc: daily mail


  1. Antonio is really sick in the head and I hope he gets the serious help he needs. He is unhinged to the point of no return. Sleeping with the woman pictured above worsens the situation. Of all the women he could lay up with and he chose a toilet seat licker.

  2. He probably saw the toilet licking and figured she’d be into eating his sweaty ass. You know some guys see this and hope that person is down for going further.

  3. Ab sure loves them pasty maids. They can have him. His mental health issues make him so unattractive. I hope he gets the help he desperately needs.

  4. He got nice cakes and his touchdown dances show he got a stroke. He was naked in the ESPN Body Issue 2016, the same year Dwayne Wade was naked in it. Soon as you said the girl who licked the toilet, my mind went to, “and he let her suck his dick, ewwww”. He fits the guys who would stick their dick in anything as long as its getting wet. His ass was knocked out by the end of that last message but he definitely needs that onlyfans to come out right now. That will build more controversy for him and more money without her even giving him residuals from the Onlyfans. You know how many porn companies who love to have HIM as a porn star, that will jump their company sales all the way up for every scene he does. Especially digital sales. He could do a naked commercial like Jamie Foxx, Hugh Jackman and make money off that alone. I don’t think he cares what controversy he gets in because its clear he wants to cash in on it. I have never heard a celebrity push for a sex tape to leak so they can be talked about. Kim Kardashian had hers pulled with Ray J and sold it to a company so she can get the money instead of him. Antonio Brown and Kim would be perfect together. Too bad she has Pete Davidson. If the rumors true, she only with him cause he allegedly has a big dick. Reggie Bush leaked that information a long time ago. She told him thats why she left Kris Humphries because he wasn’t packing.

    1. ^ i think he would cheat on kim if they got together tbh.
      the allure of being with her would probably wear off quickly.
      crazier things have happened tho.

  5. Symptoms of CTE and life goes on. Good for you AB good for you ….you live by your decisions

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