my mother and grandmother never taught me about sex.
my first kiss was with a girl in barbados while playing house,
but i had to learn about sex from watching a sex scene in a movie my mother had.
it was “mo better blues” and wesley snipes was fuckin’ cynda williams.
( x see it here )
that scene always turns me on and why i love missionary so much.
how he looked on top of her and how the covers hugged his bawdy in all the right places.
i was so intrigued as to why he was in between her legs grindin’ violently.
as a young struggling gay,
i wished i was her being completely honest.
sex in my household was treated as a “bad thing” or something that didn’t exist for me.
while my other male friends were out here learning to play with the opposite sex,
i was playing with happy meal toys and video games.
i enjoyed being a kid rather than growing up too quickly.
rapping wolf,
jim jones,
admitted something really disturbing on the lip service podcast.
his mother,
taught him about sex but the way she taught him about how to tongue kiss


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this is actually a “take to the grave” type of revelation.
i was very affectionate to my mother but the most she got was a kiss on the cheek.
“you see how young mothers treat their sons now…”
the excuses he made to justify it were even worse.

so i’m gonna font the obvious:

I feel like males are brainwashed into accepting our sexual abuse as kids.

we are trained and applauded for the most inappropriate shit.
girls are viciously protected from the monsters of the world.
if some of our fathers and mothers had their way,
we would be playboys at like age 5.
this is why some of our parents are so disappointed when we reveal we were gay.
it means that:

Some fathers can’t live vicariously through your life or train you to be like them.
Some mothers can’t make or train you into the type of man that they’d date.

the sexual abuse of young males needs to be addressed since this shit carries into adulthood.
too many males are telling stories of their sexual abuse like it’s a badge of honor.

lowkey: some males love basing their self worth on how many people they dated or fucked,
but end up lonely,
or addicted to something to help them continue to escape reality.
sad thing is,
we can’t help it due to how we grew up and what we were exposed to.


  1. Nancy
    Was , as someone stated, always behaving like a jealous ex. Several boys in my neighborhood used to get on top of me and do stuff when I was growing up. One actually peed twice on me, or something I thought was piss got my clothes wet.
    I was like 8 years old. I remember coming home from his family’s apartment that night, about 6:30 in the evening. Frosty the Snowman was on. This was 1976. I ran upstairs and ran the bathtub. I was scared my Mom would see my wet pants and I would have to explain.
    I was raped by a coworker at age 19. He took my virginity. I bled a lot, but never told nobody. My underwear were bloody. It’s terrible to be used like that. Men get raped too. It’s not fun and it is no fucking fantasy.
    Jim Jones has normalized his rape. Father’s rape daughters and some Mammy’s do cross the line. It is sad to see men like Drcumdump and sundry others, being repositories and breeding grounds for disease. It is a dark heart that leads on to live in that space.

  2. I can’t believe these weirdos made me feel like being gay was an abomination.

    Seeing as Chrissy is the only one who wants him….it clearly didn’t work as I’ve never heard groupies go up for him or say he was a good kisser.

    Heteros are the ultimate weirdos and nobody can change my mind. They sexualize kids asking if they have boyfriends/girlfriends, sic prostitutes on boys, toddler pageants are literally for pedos….mothers check their daughter’s hymen…some FATHERS do..just a bunch of deviants.

    1. ^ 110%

      all those years of being bullied or trying to fit in with the straights.
      i’ve seen so many straights that looked down on me get exposed for being vile people.
      i love to see it.

      my father is filled with trauma and hasn’t worked on his trauma,
      yet here i am seeking therapy to be better than him.
      he had me being judged by my dick as a baby by his friends.

  3. I think she was 16 or 17 when she had him and her mother raised him.I wonder if she was high on crack when this happened.I remember on that Marriage Boot Camp show he talked about being a young boy chasing her out of crack houses.

    This explains why she acts like a jealous ex when dealing with him and Chrissy.
    He needs real therapy(not reality TV therapy) because he thinks this is OK.

  4. That’s sick, she could’ve demonstrated on a bottle or something. I think most children are molested in the name of “education”.

  5. It’s a lot of sick perverse things that happen leading to adult traumas

    Did you see the guy who took a reported 75 loads in a weekend at a hotel?

    And admitted he was poz but on meds and “undetectable”

    It trended yesterday or day before

  6. That is disturbing . Woman just like men are capable of crossing lines with minors and their own kids and this is an example( Shocking) . I am always shocked at how many women teachers ( Sluts) sleep with their male students ( Rape)

  7. I wanna know what else she taught him that he didn’t say. If it didn’t stop there..maybe why he’ll never marry Chrissy

  8. Wait so Mama Jones was actually tongue kissing him to teach him or she showed him cause that definitely sounds like sexual child abuse if she actually kissed him like that.

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