Is K Michelle Trying To Sink Her Own Ship?

K-Michelle-2013-She-Is-Divai just posted about k michelle a week or so ago.
i saw her cry on “sway in the morning” and was touched.
now i go read this alleged tale of her diva behavior and i’m thrown off.
you might not hear k michelle’s music on the radio again.
well i haven’t ever,
but i really won’t hear it now after this alleged story via alwaysalist
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K Michelle Breaks Completely Down

tumblr_mrihj8VmR81qa2oy8o1_500 i’m up.
i’m in pain.
for the life of me,
i don’t know how i hurt my hand,
but it’s on fire right now.
just as long as it allows me to use my magic wand aka keyboard.
so i decided to catch up on some celeb news in the morning hours.
i came across this video of k michelle on “sway in the morning”.
during the interview,
k michelle broke completely down.
sway and heather b even had to get up to hug her.
check it out…
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K Michelle Returns To Her Roots

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.54.00 PMwell i knew it was going to happen eventually.
i actually had a bet with myself.
i said:

“k michelle will return back to lhhatl a year after she left.”

no offense to her,
but she needs that show.
her own show was kinda “yawn”.
she needs something where she can throw epic one liners at hoes.
well i was wrong about the year,
but she is actually going back to help that struggling reality show.
this is what she said at a recent concert
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