MEAT: (513)

tumblr_mzbe20PJTb1qe8nc8o1_400“i wonder how that sausage is looking?”
k michelle is my spirit animal.
maybe i’m hers?
either way i wanna know more about these twins.
“fuck stupid” looking.
who got the update on the buy one; get one free meat special?
that episode tho….
wasn’t it all kinds of antics?

lowkey: tara and that lil kim circa bad boy outfit tho?
no bueno.

x episode 10

“How To Not Be A Celebrity” Taught By K Michelle?

screen-shot-2013-10-14-at-8-31-23-ami like k michelle.
i’ve been ridin’ with her heavy since her debut on vh1.
well i saw this story on bossip and may have to question how much i actually like her.
the briefing of the bullshit was k was at ricardos in harlemthe other night.
when a fan ( @ilovejonise ) asked for a picture,
k rudely said “no” and made her pick her face up off the floor.
jonise decided to address her on instagram.
this is what she said along with k’s mart army:

photo-2photo-3i don’t think the fan was being nasty,
but this was the outcome

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The Racthets of Emotional Dysfunction and New York Are Back!

love-hip-hop-new-yorklove and hiphop: new york is back!
i don’t know whether to sound excited or roll my eyes.
well for joey b bi polar ass…
i may get a little excited.

well season 4 brings back some oldies and some newbies:

Erica Mena,
Rich Dollaz,
Yandy Smith,
Tahiry Jose
Joe Budden
new comers:
K. Michelle,
Amina Buddafly
Peter Gunz.

here is a quick sneak peak of whats about to come…

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Sing To Me Like You Mean It Chick

musictuesdaysi’m having a slow start today.
it’s like i can’t concentrate.
oh i know why!
i couldn’t sleep last night and i went to bed at like 5am.
between reading a book and watching a movie,
i was rebelling against sleep.
so i woke up OD early,
i got k michelle “rebellious soul”.
it’s actually really good.
i went back on my musical journey once again.
i needed more.
i got diana ross “blue” and etta james “at last”.
never heard etta past her iconic singles,
as well as diana.
judging from the snippets i heard,
they both sound bluesy and jazzy.
i’m all for a good jazz album.

lowkey: i’m starting to think i’m addicted to music.

K Michelle Is The “Trillest Bitch In This Game” In A Rolls Royce

tumblr_m7t28oze8A1ru7khoo1_500it must be great to be k michelle.
memphitz who?
toya what?
god has certainly come through for her.
hit character on a show.
album on the way out tomorrow.
dating a nba baller wolf.
what better way to show off than to go to white castle in bk driving a rolls royce

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K Michelle Is An Elephant and Erica Mena Is A Fly.

KMICHELLEERICAMENAi had a feeling erica mena and k michelle would get into it.
it would make for some excellent monday night fall ratchetry, right?
well they gave us a quick preview of what maybe to come on twitter

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