The Racthets of Emotional Dysfunction and New York Are Back!

love-hip-hop-new-yorklove and hiphop: new york is back!
i don’t know whether to sound excited or roll my eyes.
well for joey b bi polar ass…
i may get a little excited.

well season 4 brings back some oldies and some newbies:

Erica Mena,
Rich Dollaz,
Yandy Smith,
Tahiry Jose
Joe Budden
new comers:
K. Michelle,
Amina Buddafly
Peter Gunz.

here is a quick sneak peak of whats about to come…

oh see i like that.
put your shit down,
smile politely,
and then:


…you know what tho?
let me not get too excited.

they been known to gas the fuck out these fights.
love and hiphop: season 4 starts october 28th.

*pours likka out for bbw*

lowkey: what is it about love and hiphop that just keeps me tuning in?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “The Racthets of Emotional Dysfunction and New York Are Back!”

  1. oh god i will be tuned in for the Ratchetness i know k Michelle and erica Mena are going to make this Season very intresting! XD

  2. I can’t wait for those bitches and their ratch lifestyle. Maybe I will have some oreo cookies or honeybuns as a midnight snack.

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