Braylon Edwards Shows Us What New Muscular Arms Can Do For You

BRAYLONDRUNK… a few too many dranks bray?
braylon edwards got some new arms so he wanted to show them off this weekend.

any regular baller wolf would wear a wife beater or go shirtless.
no my foxhole friends…
bray bray decided to get drunk and fight in the detriot skreets…

TMZ has obtained video proving Braylon Edwards didn’t just attack a man outside of a Detroit nightclub this weekend … he delivered one of the biggest CHEAP SHOTS we’ve ever seen.

The video begins with the 6’3″, 218-pound unemployed wide receiver chewing out a photog who allegedly shot footage of Braylon pushing someone else around outside the nightclub.

After Braylon screams at the guy, the photog starts to walk away … but Braylon chased after him, and while the photog had his back turned, Braylon reached down and ripped his ankles out from under him … sending the photog flying face first into the pavement.

The photog eventually got up and headed to a nearby police station, where he filed a battery report against the 30-year-old.

As for the extent of his injuries, we’re told the photog denied medical attention, claiming he only suffered minor injuries.

After the incident, Braylon adamantly denied ANY WRONGDOING … tweeting:

Braylon’s rep initially told TMZ … the photog concocted the story in a shameless attempt to “take Braylon’s money.”

The photog tells TMZ … he’s pissed about the situation and plans to pursue his case all the way through.

before the fight:

now the fight:

braylon got a donkey.
the shirt couldn’t even contain it.
seriously:BRAYLON-EDWARDS-GUN-TO-HEADi’m so mad that tmz keeps talkin about the fact he is unemployed in their write up.
we get it.
so bray thought he was playin’ football for a sec.
i guess he gave a new meaning to “flippin’ someone off”.
braylon no fighting in the streets like a commoner please?

lowkey: from the looks of it,
braylon has some sexy wolfie friends.
bray tell your friends to get with my friends so we can all be friends.
you’re mine tho.

story found: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards Shows Us What New Muscular Arms Can Do For You”

  1. Either the other guy is way short or Braylon is tall as fuck. S/N DAAAAAAYM LOOK AT THAT ASS!!!!

    1. It is man, it is. The song “Pull Over” by Trina popped in my head as soon as I finished watching the video lol.

  2. Sorry to break it to everyone but he is a stunt queen who is allergic to condoms. RUN!!! Any man who was friends with gay ass Kerry Rhodes always suspect!

  3. Nothing is going to come of this. He barely did anything to the dude.

    Yeah, that ass is too fat. Damn Braylon. I want to get a hit of that ass.

  4. Things that make you go hmmmm ……. no one mentioned the club he was coming out of and why he didn’t want it filmed.

    1. A gay club maybe? Third, we know about Braylon lol. He’s bisexual and has been for years. I hope he is a receiver in more ways than one.

      S/N: If I ever had to choose between Kerry or Braylon, I’d have to go with Braylon. I think he is better looking, and has a better body. However, if I was looking for something serious I’d go with Kerry. He was in love with Hollywood man. I saw those pics, read those texts, and saw the matching tats(Y’all forgot about that). Talk about intimate and deep. It proves us Wolves can fall in love too, but a “certain” group of a gays don’t think we can. Yea I’m throwing shade.

  5. omg he’s strong as hell WOW there’s no way he can deny what happened…Braylon sit your FINE ass down and let me make you something to eat and you can vent out your frustrations lol

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