Sing To Me Like You Mean It Chick

musictuesdaysi’m having a slow start today.
it’s like i can’t concentrate.
oh i know why!
i couldn’t sleep last night and i went to bed at like 5am.
between reading a book and watching a movie,
i was rebelling against sleep.
so i woke up OD early,
i got k michelle “rebellious soul”.
it’s actually really good.
i went back on my musical journey once again.
i needed more.
i got diana ross “blue” and etta james “at last”.
never heard etta past her iconic singles,
as well as diana.
judging from the snippets i heard,
they both sound bluesy and jazzy.
i’m all for a good jazz album.

lowkey: i’m starting to think i’m addicted to music.

2 thoughts on “Sing To Me Like You Mean It Chick

  1. I dont even know where I would be if it was not for my music soothing my broken soul. So glad you are checking out these icons, they are not icons for nothing, all the old DIVA’s have earned their wings.

  2. Music addiction is a great addiction. I may just be saying this because I’m a music junkie. lol

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