RG3 Put Me Under A Spell With My Baller Wolf Weakness

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.00.14 PMrg3,
pusha t and andre 3000 long lost brother,
is going to make me like him.

he is going to make me want him.
okay so i wont go that far.
well he decided to wear some nice clothes to get my attention.
my weakness!
l he copped the september cover for gq an…

i actually like the bts video:

rg3 what are you trying to do here?
you know i like a well dressed baller wolf with a body underneath.
if you smell good too then you’ll really get me.
i’ll check you out in september.
you don’t have to beg.

lowkey: you can send me that sweater and trench tho.
address upon request.


read interview: GQ

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “RG3 Put Me Under A Spell With My Baller Wolf Weakness”

  1. As a DC boy he is a country ass Bama to me!! I can’t deal with those permed twists, or all 56 of his teeth, or the white chick he married and already done got caught cheating on! #next

  2. Yall are brutal lmao, but I have to agree with the consensus, he just does not have the “IT” factor. He seems like the type in college who all the girls would say, he is fine but lame. That body looks delicious but that face OH Lawd Almighty is not the business. He needs a makeover ASAP, but Im sure his look is going to make him millions as an endorser in middle America because he looks so non threatening, and he is not going to change. Im not feeling any of the clothes on him either.

  3. 1. #HTTR but ummm he needs to chop off that MOP on the top of his head seriously, that is not “IT”

    2. Yes he do gotta big ole booty but… UGH

    3. And where is the “big dick” evidence, please present or rest your case…. IJS

  4. Whats the term for a male butterface? Although I give him props for encouraging and being supportive of Gay NFL players in GQ interview.So that makes him a tad bit more attractive to me.

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