lynching is not a fashion statement darling

this is a horror.
this is a tragedy.
this is a reminder.
this is not a fashion statement.
it was to the white slave masters back in the day,
slave masters use to send these pics as christmas cards to their family members.
pregnant female slaves were hung and their stomachs were cut open to see who died first.
families of slaves would be forced to watch their relatives die slowly as they hung from the trees.
abel meeropol wrote the poem “strange fruit“,
which billie holiday sung originally in 1939,
was ( x about the lynching we endured ):


ye used the song on one of his past songs:


remember ^this one said slavery was a choice.
a foxholer sent me the following “fashion statement” the other day…

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i don’t think i’ll ever be wet again

stuff like this gives me multiple orgasms.
don’t judge me.
it’s the little nerdy things that make me happy.

so i’ve been on the hunt for a certain weather app.
one that’s more “fox swagg oriented.
i’ve wanted one to suggest what to wear,
depending on the temperature.

new yawk and it’s bipolar weather
it could be feel one way in your den,
but as soon as you step outside
i think i found the app for my needs that i wanted to share….
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let’s font “baller wolf fashion” at the 2018 espy awards

so i had to decided this past wednesday,
july 18th,
on what i was gonna watch?

The Espys?
Continue my “This Is Us” binge?

it was a hard decision,
but i chose to watch the espys.
one thing i love about the espys,
besides all the sexy baller wolf meat,
is the men’s fashion.
some of the baller wolves go hard with the threads,
while others:

so i decided to put together an entry on the fits i loved….
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Beyonce Gets Another Trophy In Style

tumblr_o8f03dbgLA1vu68cvo4_r1_400even though there has been a lot of sadness,
2016 has been a killer year for our black queens.
beyonce was awarded the coveted cfda award last night.
(cfda: council of fashion designers of america)
she joins the ranks of iman,
and pharrell williams for impeccable style.
in my head,
“serena van der woodson” and “blair waldorf” of gossip girl as well.
this is her speech below…
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How To Wear Your Fur and Have People About To Vomit

tumblr_m9vqqprEn81qa57w7i love clothes.
a smart fox/wolf/or hybrid knows how to sniff out a good deal.
as the others run to buy shit they can’t afford,
i get compliments left and right about my wardrobe.
the fun part?
i barely spend a lot of money.
i am pretty much the best dressed in my department.
maybe the entire building.
i learned its not the “brand” you are wearing,
but how you wear it.
one of the foxhole conglomerate asked me this the other day…

“I need some shopping advice. I would like to expand my wardrobe but I’m afraid to spend money. I would like to know the places you shop, your budget and how frequent you shop.”

well i’ll share something with the foxhole…

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Caitlyn Jenner Does New Yawk Catwalk

i-am-caitcaitlyn jenner has emerged.
well she is out and about these days.
she is literally taking over new yawk.
this is her coming out of an italian restaurant last night…
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