i don’t think i’ll ever be wet again

stuff like this gives me multiple orgasms.
don’t judge me.
it’s the little nerdy things that make me happy.

so i’ve been on the hunt for a certain weather app.
one that’s more “fox swagg oriented.
i’ve wanted one to suggest what to wear,
depending on the temperature.

new yawk and it’s bipolar weather
it could be feel one way in your den,
but as soon as you step outside
i think i found the app for my needs that i wanted to share….

this app is perfect.
you set your personal temperature settings,

according to what you think is “hot” or “freezing”,
and the app will send you weather and “wear this” suggestions.

there are so many clothing types you can personalize.
you can set a time to receive notifications,
which i set for 7am,
and they can either be detailed or simple.
it’s all up to you.
of course.

can i font you that i’m obsessed?
all i need is a teleportation device and i’d be in orgasmic bliss.

 “brella” is currently only on: apple

*if i find anything for android usersthat’s similar,
i’ll post in the comments!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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