demetrius jenkins has an announcement

he looks handsome here.
less crazy eyes.
so i got alerted that ig attentionisto,
demetrius jenkins,
had an announcement.
i think you might be interested in what he has to say…

i love when he gets aggressive.
he looks like a wild wolf.
he has no problem throwing them paws at disrespect.
it’s in the eyes.
i kinda like that.
i mean….

the foxhole already put his dossier on my desk.
didn’t he already hint to this in his comments tho?
either way,
congrats to demetrius.
now the real question is:


…and can he lay that d?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

34 thoughts on “demetrius jenkins has an announcement

  1. Im not gonna say I saw this coming…. but he’s always been gay friendly, so Im not surprised by this. Honestly I dont feel like he owes anybody an explanation. I hate that “we” always have to make an announcement about such things. Why can’t we just live our lives and be left the fuck alone…. Is that too much to ask…… But anyway I’m glad he’s living his truth and I’m still an admirer of him cause that nigga supa fine lol

    1. ^right.
      i’m tired of the announcements tbh.
      i feel like only christians and nosy straights want to know this information.

      jamari fox and the foxhole only wants to know so a shoot can be shot.

      1. I don’t need an announcement either. I can tell which of these fitness attentionistos be having their legs in the air just by what they post. You aint fooling nobody doing those deep squats with your thin ass compression pants and no draws on

  2. less crazy eyes 😂😂

    that agression had me feeling some type of way, lust and a bit concern lol

    good for him tho!

      1. Not aggression. A defense mechanism. You can tell he used to get picked on and it scarred him. The military gave him a good centering and confidence boost and made him sure of himself.

        What you call “aggression” was him ready for the backlash. He’s dealt with it before. Sent some bullies to the dentist. That’s the ‘nerd’ grown up and ready to kick azz and take no prisoners.

        To quote a meme: That shy, humble guy in the corner? That’s your orgasm.

  3. Nah he’s definitely a hybrid I love how aggressive he is but he shows off that nice ass too. Shoutout to him for being real about it.

  4. Glad he know his opposition. Im dealing with a guy I connected, and attracted last week at my job and who is curious to the gay lifestyle. Now he realize he isn’t gay but bi and wants to take a break to find himself. Ugh, I’ll give him space and he deserves it. I guess its an on and off switch.

  5. Good for him.
    I’ve knew he dated guys but I didn’t know he was also attracted to women.I will be watching to see if there are less women in his comments.Also I’m curious if his fellow soldiers in the military already knew about his sexuality.

  6. Good for Demetrius with his fine ass. It would be nice for more guys like him that’s on this “social media platform” or whatever you want to call it, live in their truths and give no f**** about what anyone has to say.

  7. I always get ‘I’ma power bottom’ teas from him. I can’t be the only one. When Steven Beck towers over you, you know you’re short as hell lol.

  8. Well, I think many of us suspected that he was family, all he did was confirm it. I think he is attractive, but I would not date him tho. I can tell he is an attention seeker, and you know I am not fond of those types.

  9. Been a while since the comments lit up like this…Hmm. I have no idea who this man is but as I stated somewhere else, he’s kinda cute. However, you can see the tunnel in his eyes, very interesting.

    Although, I don’t think folks should have to come out… something about him is a turn on… probably cause he acting like a man, stroking his face and all that.

  10. O.M.F.G!!!! I can honestly say this is a surprise to me! Yet I’m so proud to see his bravery. Congrats to this brother. We should stand with him……………and lay with him too 😗

  11. i love him very straight up and honest he never had to do it but he did i know one thing for sure he is very happy with him self and you all out there hating on him i am sorry for you all asses because as he sad he is living his truth which some of you all hater cant do live happy my friend peace and out

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