i don’t think i’ll ever be wet again

stuff like this gives me multiple orgasms.
don’t judge me.
it’s the little nerdy things that make me happy.

so i’ve been on the hunt for a certain weather app.
one that’s more “fox swagg oriented.
i’ve wanted one to suggest what to wear,
depending on the temperature.

new yawk and it’s bipolar weather
it could be feel one way in your den,
but as soon as you step outside
i think i found the app for my needs that i wanted to share….
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f0x swagg: The Tie Bar


i love how his suits fit him.
i really do.
in my walking around randomly today,
i ended up at macys.
i had no business in there,
as i like to buy nice shit,
but i needed to buy something important.

a tie bar

a tie bar.
i lost my other one and i needed a new one.
what is a tie bar,
you ask?
well i’m gonna font you…
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Aim For My Neck ( I Want To Smell It All Day )

tumblr_static_themei had a crazy ass week.
i am exhausted.
let me sleep for 13 hours just to recover.
so you know what it was time for?

retail therapy

a fox’s favorite.
sometimes buying a little “happy” is all i need.
so after i spent a grip on new clothes,
i decided to check around various stores for new scents.
you know i’m always in the market to smell good.
well i found a few signatures for the foxhole ’16 spring/summer
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Dolvett Quince: Fione, Fitness, and Fox Swagg

tumblr_o4ngl8EWwL1rj71puo1_1280the pocket square and accessories compliments the suit
the fit of the suit was tailored for his muscular frame
props on the “tie-less” look

this is what “fox swagg” is all about.

creating fashion magic with your own personal style WITHOUT trying too hard

i love a wolf with fox swagg.
dolvett quince is a trainer wolf who i think has great style.
check him out in these other shots
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Wrap Me Up In Love (and Fox Swagg)

tumblr_mxe4zo0aiP1rig7vyo1_500i am having a problem.
i know.
whats new?
well outside looks like absolute destruction.
blizzard ’16 really did a number in the new yawk forests.
these are the times i’m glad i have no car.
i’d be paying $100 to a lucky hood wolf so he can dig me out.
my problem is:

What am i wearing tomorrow?

i refuse to dress up.
i’m not about to wear my best in the office.
it’s not that serious and i’m hoping everyone stays home.
so one of my biggest fox swagg secrets is pinterest.
i am always on there looking for outfit ideas.
if i see something,
that already resembles what i may have in my closet,
i will recreate it with my own fox swagg.

“you never buy the outfit off the mannequin and wear it.
you simply re-work the idea into your own.” – jamari fox

so i came across three numbers that caught my eye…
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I Like Them Long (and Oversized)

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.54.22 PMas you know,
men’s fashion takes many directions.
some trends people like.
others get banished in the “hell naw” box.
well it seems like almost everyone has been going “long” these days.
the long oversized shirt pictured above is “in”.
its all in how you wear it tho.
here are some examples…
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