I Like Them Long (and Oversized)

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.54.22 PMas you know,
men’s fashion takes many directions.
some trends people like.
others get banished in the “hell naw” box.
well it seems like almost everyone has been going “long” these days.
the long oversized shirt pictured above is “in”.
its all in how you wear it tho.
here are some examples…

now i’ll be completely honest with the foxhole.
it takes a certain level of confidence and fox swagg to rock a long shirt.
in my opinion,
taller animals who are slim can rock it much better than shorter ones.
if you happen to be short,
you can’t wear the length down to your knees.
that’s when it starts looking “nightgown” like.
the muscular and thick with height can also attempt.
would you be sexy and come out here to show the foxhole for me:

Athe upper body should be highlighted and the shirt should always end at mid-thigh.
personally i would have to see you in it first before i give the okay.
if you want to try the over-sized shirt look:

– this look is a very daring piece.
if you look like someone told you this was a good idea,
it will come off like that.
your confidence should be on 1000.
“no fucks to give” personalities can rock it better.

– don’t oversize the whole look.
the shirt should be the only thing long,
everything else should be fitted or skinny.

– like accessories,
too much means trying to hard.
the shirt should be the only thing that stands out.
everything else should be neutral.
patterns and too much “look at me” can kill the simplicity.

– this look goes best with trendy sneakers,
tailored trousers,
ripped jeans,

bomber jackets,
and hats of any variety.
its also a great look to layer in the fall.

here are some more examples of how to pull this look off:
oversstylelike i said,
this won’t appeal to everyone’s personal taste and style.
this can go way outside the line of most comfort zones.
if you are feeling brave,
test one out at:

urban outfitters

the usually range from $12 – $70,
depending on the quality and the store.
good luck!

fox swagg: h&m | zara | ou

*all pictures credited to owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “I Like Them Long (and Oversized)”

  1. I love this trend , since I’m skinny and with a little height it fits me well. I went out to dinner with friends last night and wore this dope black and white longline collard shirt, black slim chinos, and black suede loafers, got complemented on my look all night even at the strip club we went to after dinner (where I felt a little overdressed 😏)

  2. okay, I’m on the fence with this style, and even in some of the pictures, some of the guys look stupid, but some look really good, i like the white tee kellon is wearing, the ones Tyler is wearing and the sweater with the pink-ish pants (the pants are not for me, but the sweater is nice)

    I don’t like the long button ups though. They still look weird to me.

    I’m kind of short/average height so im not sure if it would work for me, but I’m thinking of trying out the style. I’m going to go for the white tee style. that one looks sick!

      1. Yes, that one looks nice! I’m going to be on the look out for that style! The rest, I will leave alone! Lol!

  3. Not a big fan of fashion that obscures the crotch, although I understand why some feel the need to wear it…LOL.

  4. i just feel this style is recycled…everything they have out now is recycled from the 80’s and 90’s and it’s funny because at one point guys were bashed for wearing baggy or long clothes now people are doing it again lol…it’s funny how something can be considered a fashion no no one minute and then the next it’s accepted lol….

  5. It’s a cute trend but it would never work for me. I’m way too short and my butt/thighs are too big to make it work. The people in the pictures look great though! Especially my baby favahs, Odell and Kellon.

  6. You such a wannabe you copy your whole blog from someone else, do you have original thoughts??? FUCK BOY!!!!!

  7. Confession, saw this article when it was first posted and said to myself, these new fashion trends are ridiculous and get more crazy as the years go on. I was like I would never wear no shit like this. Well lo and behold today, at the mall I see and try on a long shirt and damn not bragging too much, but I actually looked kinda fly in it and ended up buying it for a steal and cant wait to rock it with some new str8 leg jeans I have, another thing I said I will never buy, but I did. I have gone to the darkside.

    1. ^its okay t.
      i always turn people out slowly.
      welcome to the dark fashion forest.
      rock it with a denim vest and you’ll be in business.
      if you can get a ripped denim vest/jeans as well… +5 foxhole points.

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