Dolvett Quince: Fione, Fitness, and Fox Swagg

tumblr_o4ngl8EWwL1rj71puo1_1280the pocket square and accessories compliments the suit
the fit of the suit was tailored for his muscular frame
props on the “tie-less” look

this is what “fox swagg” is all about.

creating fashion magic with your own personal style WITHOUT trying too hard

i love a wolf with fox swagg.
dolvett quince is a trainer wolf who i think has great style.
check him out in these other shots

and a quick video:

he is so handsome to me.
the thing i love about dolvett is he looks older,
but he still has a youthful spirit.
if that makes any sense.
he is what you would call:

vintage penis

that seasoned wolf who still looks good.
like look at this:

too bad he is straight.
i wouldn’t mind a slight dose of that vitamin “d”.


Would you?

follow dolvett for his fine, fitness, and fox swagg: instagram

check out his app: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Dolvett Quince: Fione, Fitness, and Fox Swagg”

      1. ^i can smell him in something likeeeeeee…

        terre des hommes
        acqua di gio
        the one by dolce and gabbana
        1 million
        burberry brit

        hell even that old school issey miyake

  1. Ultimate DILF, he seems so sure of himself and not in a cocky social media attentionisto kind of way. More of a mature sexy fun kind, like the way he carries himself and wears that suit tells me he doesn’t have to be half naked to you. I bet you wouldn’t even need to sleep with him to but a nut, his aura alone will get you.

  2. DOLVETT QUINCE is giving me a gay vibe in these pics. I wonder if he on the DL? He been single for a long time now and in Hollywood there a lot gay stuff going behind closed doors. He got those dicksucking lips. His body, pecs and his abs is on point. I love men with muscles that include Actors, Models, Personal Trainers, Bodybuilders, Strippers, Escorts etc. I’m a muscle queen. A muscle queen is a gay man who only desires to and exclusively sleeps with extremely and at times grotesquely muscular gay men.

  3. I definitely prefer a nice well season wolf over younger ones cause some of the younger ones ain’t shit sometime

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