Dolvett Quince Gets Some “Tease Us Good” Pipe Leakage

you know when was the point i was “making it” as a blogger?
when the f-bi was sending me in exclusive content.


i’ve gotten a lot of exclusives throughout the years,
but if i’m requested not to post,
then i’ll respect the wishes of the f-bi.
you gotta build trust with those who provide you information.
i think legit trainer wolf,
dolvett quince,
is fine af.
you should know by all the past entries about him.
a vix-bi,
who sent me in some exclusives today,
sent me dolvett in his semi natural fur…
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The Other Wolves Don’t Have Anything On Dolvett Quince

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 11.06.43 AMcan someone do me a favor?
can you find the “discreet wolf” version of dolvett quince for me,
this seasoned wolf just does it for me.
all the way.
i don’t know if it’s his face or bawdy
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Dolvett Quince: Fione, Fitness, and Fox Swagg

tumblr_o4ngl8EWwL1rj71puo1_1280the pocket square and accessories compliments the suit
the fit of the suit was tailored for his muscular frame
props on the “tie-less” look

this is what “fox swagg” is all about.

creating fashion magic with your own personal style WITHOUT trying too hard

i love a wolf with fox swagg.
dolvett quince is a trainer wolf who i think has great style.
check him out in these other shots
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Dolvett Is The Biggest (Thats it)

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.43.40 PMso you guys know how i messed up in ( x that last entry ),
well what do you want me to do?
i’m sorry!
all that time i thought dolvett,
the fitness wolf from “the biggest loser”,
was a damn 20 year old in those pictures!
he is old enough to be “daddy”.
well an f-bi sent me a picture of dolvett trying to play “thirst trap”.
look at this
(this is nsfw,
and not for the “straight” straights….)
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