EDIT: The Father and Son Wolf Duo

tumblr_nx1iqkwqBz1qk8dmqo1_1280this is so cute.
are they a couple?

…is this a straight bromance?
either way,
i like what i see.

okay so it would be kinda gross if they were a couple.
this is a father and son.
i’ll take the father.
ain’t it crazy how young the father look?
black don’t crack.

lowkey: i like the short one with the nice smile.
more of him please.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “EDIT: The Father and Son Wolf Duo”

  1. Hey Jamari, that is Dolvett from NBC’s The Biggest Loser and that is his son!! Ain’t he phine!!! Lol. Family no romance.

  2. I would fuck Dolvett and his son they are both fine as hell. Isn’t Dolvett single now I heard that he secretly play for our time

  3. Hey J I was right in the middle of posting my thoughts on the original post when I was kicked off lol, maybe it was that edit you did. When I saw the original post, I just assume like many that this was a new gay couple who were on social media. It is easy for many people to assume this being that both are attractive and upon first glance at the pictures, you really dont see that big of an age difference. Also these pics have an intimate quality about them, that you really dont see when fathers and sons take pictures, unless it is really with a young child. I am sure many people, myself included have never really seen Black fathers posing like this with their sons, and to be honest, I dont think I would feel comfortable taking pics like these with my father, but it is nothing wrong with this as we probably need to see this more. I guess they are flipping the old mother/daughter looking like sisters to the father/son looking like brothers. I gather they have an extremely close relationship, but I wonder do they bump heads when they go to the club competing on who gone get the most numbers LOL!

    OAN, I have a co-worker who father is only 15 years older than him, in fact I am older than his father, and they look like brothers, so he may have had him really young as well.

  4. Damn they are both fine af, but I prefer the father. He’s more handsome and more experience if you know what I mean

  5. Is this really his son!? I don’t believe it. I thought it was one of those “house father” relationships. Chile. They both fine though. I don’t know who I’d want more tbh. Dzaddy got that “seasoned” stroke tho.

  6. Yeah, I’ve had the feeling Dolvett isn’t heterosexual at all. I’ve come to the conclusion that most male strippers and personal trainers aren’t heterosexual…

  7. Before I knew what this story was about. I stared at the photo of Dolvett with his son think they were some new social media power couple. Now I feel badly or creepy for fantasizing over the two. Damn Damn Damn….

    **dabs forehead with handkerchief**

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