Drop It

broken-mirror2these last few days have been a head trip.
ive been feeling embarrassed.
the “in my feelz” music has been helping me sort through whats broken.
it was me.
i was broken.
i asked god to help me find something to start over.
well the universe heard my request and worked quick.
one of the foxholers randomly sent me this sermon from joel osteen.
its called “drop it”.
check it out…



after i listened to it,
i won’t lie,
i cried.
i mean ugly cried.
i needed it.
i had a lot i wanted to let out.
after i cleaned the snot off my lips,
i said to myself:

you gon’ be okay.”

2016 is:

drop it
leave it
let it go

…and once i said that to myself,
i’m wasn’t in my feelz anymore.
i hope it helped someone as it did me.
thanks to the foxholer who suggested it.


lowkey: ironically just as i signed on tumblr,
this was the first thing i saw:

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 2.29.53 PM

the universe is working heavy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Drop It”

      1. Especially with New Years around the corner. 2014/15 was a rough year for me, but like they say the tougher the lesson, the bigger the blessing.

  1. Joel is my boy! I listen to him frequently. I love his delivery in that he tells you a story to make you see his point. His sermons are very relatable and have helped me through a lot! Glad to see this helped you sort out out some things.

  2. I’m glad you cried cause I knew you been habouring a lot of negativity inside you that needed to be release like a dragon in a Gringotts dungeon. But did you really have to tell the whole world about wiping your snot?

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