“Yes Bitch”: The Continuous Saga of Odell Beckham JR

4a2281c0cac5377c862b2c3412bbfd09i can sense odell beckham jr wishes he was ^that wolf again.
no blonde hair or questions about his sexuality.
shame what fame and “the net don’t forget!” brings.
well it seems like odell is the talk of the forest these days.
it just took one scandal for “all eyes on him”.
check out the latest in this old video of his,
posted via the shade room


well first of all,
let me just say how i love that dance they did.
what is that?
f-bi: any leads?
“yes bitch”.
well that didn’t help,
but maybe that says more about his very thick and juicy friend?
btw: who is his thick and juicy friend?
f-bi: any leads?

its not like odell said it.
look i’m trying to be as objective as i can.
whatever odell’s sexuality is or isn’t,
who cares?
he is a good addition to his team.
instead of these vixens worrying about odell’s sexuality,
they should be more worried about their husbands/boyfriends.

“no my man is not gay at all!
he plays sports!

he won’t even let me put my hands on his ass!
hell he doesn’t even clean his ass!”

but i’m sure he will let me put my mouth on his pipe.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-10322-1432392671-12i’m also sure his invite for a same sex gang bang is in his email as you read.
just because a wolf ain’t out here dancing,
or dyed his hair blonde,
doesn’t mean he isn’t gay/bi/or a secret member of the foxhole.
everyone is a suspect.
we’re everywhere.
don’t be fooled otherwise.
it’s about to be 2016.
odell: i’ll allow your foolishness.
just show up and show out during game day.

video taken: the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on ““Yes Bitch”: The Continuous Saga of Odell Beckham JR”

  1. lol what trips me out many of these straight females almost saying athletes are gay yet many of their man are behind door dick takers/dick givers…..lastly gay DOESN’T have a face. i know guys who look like your average stallion and who are a womans dreams YET they don’t fuck with females at all…….

  2. Friend is Kavahrw Holmes.

    I hate what ppl are doing. finding old videos, making fun of hin doing what he loves, dancing. yet a lot of dudes in the nfl rocking the obj hairstyle.

    let ppl live. maybe many boys would be much better if they could be themselves without ridicule. what person knows what another could be, how great, if only. “the promise of you” by janet jackson

  3. His friend,who calls Odell his brother addresses, the gay controversy on his IG @kavahraholmes.He says they don’t care if people call them gay ,they will continue dancing as they have done since they were young.

  4. People need to leave Odell alone and let this man live. He is doing him being young, carefree, and not giving a damn. Jamari you hit the nail on the head with this post, these vixens need to worry about their men, you’ll men can play sports, rap, be a muscle head, have a deep voice, never ever had a limp in his wrist, but stay blowing or getting his back blown out by men.

  5. People need to find some business. I love Odell and love what he represents. Black boys deserve the right to be.

    And for the record, some of these gay men out here have been just as bad as some of these homophobic straight men and women.

  6. This is why so many young Black men are messed up now! Just let them be themselves! You should see the laundry list of things that straight men “aren’t supposed to do,” it’s really ridiculous. This obsession with masculinity and the unrealistic standards that come with it really has to stop in the Black community. It’s killing our boys and men, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  7. But I thought the homosexual agenda is trying to make everyone gay


    The Shade Room need to sit the fuck down somewhere.

    1. The Shade Room, Media Takeout, Bossip, The YBF (young black fabulous), and blogs like them are the jackals and hyenas of the forest. They love being messy, always instigate fights, and never credits their sources. Media Takeout stays messy along with the Shade Room. I hate the shade room because of Jayceon “the game” Taylor. He became the biggest queen on there with his hood clapbacks.

  8. Please save the internalized hatred of your own people.

    Anyone that doesn’t conform to established gender roles and behavior will be called out and it doesn’t matter if they’re black or white or Asian and from Europe, Japan, or Dubai.

    Either way for better or worse this may follow him for his entire career.

      1. Disagree all you want. It’s true!

        Typically it’s the gays that hate blacks because they’ve only been surrounded by black people and think somehow other races and cultures are more accepting of homosexuality and have more fluid gender roles. While some cultures don’t have as rigid gender roles, others are way worse.

        So yes if you hate or think lesser of black people because you feel the ones you’ve encountered didn’t accept you because of who you are, you are just as narrow minded as you claim they are.

        Other races just hide their disdain better and they’re not going to let you affect their cash flow.

    1. Having an opinion that you believe to be valid doesn’t make it true. It makes it your opinion.

      Critiquing the black community for a perceived intolerance of homosexuality is not absolving other races of being guilty of the same. Where ever did you get that idea?

      I won’t go so far as to say the backlash Odell is experiencing is solely (or even primarily) by the black community because I don’t know that to be true (and would probably argue that it’s not). That is where I think King is wrong: going so far as to make a connection that can’t be made.

      However, I don’t think to say that critiquing Odell for what you consider to be a deviance from gender norms harms black men and young black boys from being themselves and embracing what makes them different.

      1. I just remembered at my Thai boxing gym this morning this topic came up. I was the only black person in the gym, the rest were Latino and white and they unanimously decided he was gay.

        To be honest, I could care less because his booty isn’t big anyway so he isn’t my type to lust over, but clearly blacks aren’t the only ones making assumptions. It might not even be a “black” gender norm to begin with.

      2. I’m irritated by the fact that it’s even a topic of conversation to begin with. By gays and straights alike. If he is gay, so what? If he isn’t, again, so what? Why is it being discussed?

      3. I totally agree, Random, people get so caught up in things like someone’s sexuality that people forget the things about that person that are ACTUALLY important or relevant, as if whether he’s straight or gay DEFINES their view of him (in many cases, it does) it’s sad, but people choose their own ignorance to an extent, so it can’t really be helped.

      4. Eh, I wouldn’t say that it’s a connection that can’t be made. I hate generalizations (especially those about my people) so I wouldn’t say anything if it didn’t bear some degree of truth. I’m sure people of other races have spoke on this topic and I’m sure they have problems with masculinity in their communities as well, but I speak in regards to the Black community because that’s what I’m familiar with and the community that I’m a part of.

        I have no “internalized hatred” but I do see the effects of Black boys and men repressing all types of feelings, ambitions, desires, etc. because that’s not what “being a man” is all about. Just because you aren’t effected doesn’t negate the fact that it happens. And I’m sure that problem goes beyond the Black community, but like I said I focus on my people because of the love I have for them.

  9. The sad part is all this hoopla is based on being called is an insult lol

    If we’ve supposedly come so far, why does one consider being called gay an insult even if it’s not true anyway?

    If OBJ is confident enough to engage in playful, flamboyant behavior, record it, and post it online then why get so heated if other players try to use it as an insult and end up getting suspended?

    I mean I broke a dudes nose in the third grade for saying my Gap sweatshirt stood for gay and proud so I get it, but I wasn’t doing the homies over hoes dance with dudes lol

    It’s just amusing gay dudes are defending him as if it’s an insult to be called gay.

    He can do whatever he wants, but he’s on a national platform and people are going to have opinions and him being black has nothing to do with it.

    Funny how ppl were just saying the NFL was ready for an out and proud player….

    1. This comment, I can actually agree with. I don’t consider it an insult to be called gay. It’s a sexuality, it’s only bad if you think of it that way. I don’t attach all of the negative connotations to being called gay, because I’m smart enough to know better, but that’s just me, other people don’t see it that way.

      .. your earlier comment though… it reminds me of the post when Aisha Curry (I think) made a comment on Twitter about how women dress “slutty” and made connotations about their identity with the way they dressed.
      I view this to be the exact same situation(but the male equivalent) as this one in the fact that there are gender norms that are universally understood, if you don’t meet up to the criteria of those norms, you will get called out. I’m not defending it, but it is reality. You said something along the lines of (in that post): a woman can be dressed in corporate or the most conservative wear and still be the biggest thot alive, the way she dresses has nothing to do with it, if she’s a thot, she’s a thot (I paraphrased). In our society, and by this definition of gender roles in our society, it doesn’t even matter, if she “looks” like a thot, regardless of whether her actions align with that title, she’s a thot , at least, by society’s standards. Same thing here, he is behaving stereotypically feminine or gay or “not masculine”, so he will get called out for all those things because of society’s standards, whether it’s a joke or not. If he “looks” gay, he’s gay. I said it then, and I’ll repeat myself again, if the fem dude has to accept criticism for being feminine, you can’t defend someone who is stereotypically dressed like a thot, for being called one. No cherry-picking. It’s just how our society works. Both people have to either conform to the standards, or accept that they will be criticized, and perhaps challenge these views, but in my opinion, this system is inherently flawed.

      Is Odell gay? idk or care personally, but I do know if he wants to stop being called gay (a bit late now) he shouldn’t be caught on video doing these dances. Is it right? Not really, because similar to the “librarian dressed thot” example, just because he’s doing these dances doesn’t actually mean he’s gay, the buffest, most masc dude on the planet could be the one bending over, and no one would suspect a thing yet the straight twerking Odell is being called out for appearances and stereotypes alone, so knowing that he SHOULD be able to carry on with his dances and it not mean anything, but that’s just not how it works, and it’s clear that people don’t WANT it to work that way. hm.

  10. The dances do not make him gay at all. He is just in the know of what is popular in young black culture. Most of these dances have been popular from a few to many years but are now just blowing up online. To get yourself acclimated to what these guys are doing you pretty much have to watch three videos on Youtube. DLOW’s “Bet You Cant Do It Like Me,” IHeartMemphis’ “Hit the Quan,” and Silento’s “Whip/Nae Nae.” All the other stuff he does, I can’t attest to but this video and even the strip club videos are all dances the “kids”, so to speak, are doing now and are “all the rage.”

  11. Have people forgotten Odell is black o it is because he’s light-skin they don’t consider him black? I’m asking this question because it seems like some African Americans have forgotten that dancing is part of the culture.

  12. Odell has over $16 million reasons not to give a single funk about what ignorant black folks think of him. He got a $5.6 million signing bonus transferred directly to his bank account the moment he signed with the NY Giants. Plus the actual contract is for an additional $10 million over the next 4 years. And yall wondering why a rich 23 year old good looking man can’t stop dancing lol. He’s happy dammit!


    1. Ha! #cosign not to mention people like him are the ones that will most likely go on to become the next version of “Michael jordans” and “Majick johnsons” of the world..if they don’t go via the path of T.O. , Iverson, and ochocico. Watch sum doors open for this handsome lil negro really soon and I mean sum huge deals.

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