Wrap Me Up In Love (and Fox Swagg)

tumblr_mxe4zo0aiP1rig7vyo1_500i am having a problem.
i know.
whats new?
well outside looks like absolute destruction.
blizzard ’16 really did a number in the new yawk forests.
these are the times i’m glad i have no car.
i’d be paying $100 to a lucky hood wolf so he can dig me out.
my problem is:

What am i wearing tomorrow?

i refuse to dress up.
i’m not about to wear my best in the office.
it’s not that serious and i’m hoping everyone stays home.
so one of my biggest fox swagg secrets is pinterest.
i am always on there looking for outfit ideas.
if i see something,
that already resembles what i may have in my closet,
i will recreate it with my own fox swagg.

“you never buy the outfit off the mannequin and wear it.
you simply re-work the idea into your own.” – jamari fox

so i came across three numbers that caught my eye…


tomorrow i’m trying to go for:

stylish yet cozy

that means up the warmth and comfort,
but still professional enough for a monday morning.
even though i’m eyeing my dark blue jeans.
i’m feeling rather “blue” in mood.
plus i need to be able to climb these damn snow banks.
its like the himalayas out there.


le sigh.
we shall see what i decide.

lowkey: i just did an entire body scrub shower.
i needed to exfoliate my skin.
i lathered my body with cocoa butter/coconut oil.
i also washed/conditioned/oiled my hair.

typical sunday/fun day for a fox.

go to my “fox swagg” pinterest: here

17 thoughts on “Wrap Me Up In Love (and Fox Swagg)

  1. I know you’re not into posting pictures of yourself, but I’d love if you’d pose what you wear every now and then. Like, just take a pictures of your clothes laid out or something. I feel like you have really good style.

  2. Oops… I guess I am guilty of buying outfits off of manequins.

    You should download the app called Wish it has some of the latest trends for a budget. People always ask me where I get my clothes from, but I direct them to Burlington…

  3. I just read a comment on IG.This vixen said “Hey, to all you guys who are always sliding into my DMs everyday, come help me dig my car out”😀

    I vote for Outfit #1

    After reading about your Sunday ritual of scrubbing,exfoliating,lathering body,washing,conditioning,oiling hair.My initial response is “You are Sooo Gay”, love ya,Boo.😀

      1. Seriously? You said you’re not feeling the whole dress up, even tho I know that’s a damn lie, but this type of fashion is not dress up, however, it is trendy, hello Kanye, and super comfortable plus how convenient is it to have a blanket with you.

  4. I use to live by the Mr. Porter and GQ guides. Mr. Porter was my favorite site to shop. They seem to have gone down hill a bit. Seems like a good idea to get some ideas from Pinterest. Haven’t used it that much but I might give it a try.

    1. In the photo with the black guy,the sweater, and bag, and I think the scarf are from the Gap! Just a tid-bit 🙂 I don’t think they have much left though, at least where I am.

      Im trying to find out where that nice jacket is from in the other photo though! I have some good winter coats but I’m looking for a nice black pea coat, or something of a similar style.

      1. Actually, that jacket might also be from the Gap as well, I’ve seen that one, it’s nice too actually, but not what I described what I was looking for.

  5. I’m digging the 3rd outfit since said cozy but comfortable. That one seems to have the least amount of pieces, easy to get on for work and easy to take off when you get back.

    1. ^yeah i’m definitely trying to be in and out my clothes tomorrow.
      i may need to leave earlier too.
      its a adventure trying to climb over snow banks,
      dodge dog poop some asshole didn’t pick up,
      and not slip and bust your ass on black ice.

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