Aim For My Neck ( I Want To Smell It All Day )

tumblr_static_themei had a crazy ass week.
i am exhausted.
let me sleep for 13 hours just to recover.
so you know what it was time for?

retail therapy

a fox’s favorite.
sometimes buying a little “happy” is all i need.
so after i spent a grip on new clothes,
i decided to check around various stores for new scents.
you know i’m always in the market to smell good.
well i found a few signatures for the foxhole ’16 spring/summer

dior sauvage – $72

the sales wolf damn near pressured me to buy it.
the initial sniff on paper was aight,
but then it dried down to this woodsy type situation.
it seems to change directions as it gets comfortable on my skin.
it’s strong,
but not overpowering.
i ended up buying it.

tom ford grey vetiver eau de toilette – $78

a very crisp and masculine scent.
it almost brightens up the room.
it is stupid strong too.
i can still smell it on my wrist and i sprayed it like 4 hours ago.
i’m sure the animals will smell you coming.
this will enter the bbq before you walk in.

giorgio armani acqua di gio – $85

this is one of my signature summer scents.
you know my secret.
i always keep a bottle of this.
i get so many compliments when i wear this.
it reminds me of a summer in the hamptons,
“national anthem” by lana del rey,
and “gossip girl”.
it reminds me of past memories as well..
it’s a pretty popular scent,
but it changes with the right body chemistry.
i would actually love to smell a wolf wearing this.

maison martin margiela ‘replica’ “at the barbers” – $125

i mean,
the name suits the scent to the t.
it smells like a nice smelling shaving cream,
and a tiny bit of leather.
this is something you have to see goes with your chemistry tho.
it isn’t for everyone.

ysl l’homme – $70


who could go wrong with this?
no explanation needed.
this scent is strong,
lasts a long time,
and it screams “elegance”.
i kinda prefer it for the evening.
you’ll get compliments.
this was also star fox’s signature scent.


that is all i got to test out.
nothing else really stood out to me.
if you have any scents you want to share with the foxhole,
please drop them in the comments.
i’m always down to try something new.

lowkey: i find scents work better with your personality,
as well as your body chemistry.
you ever smelled something on someone and it just suit them?
it represented their entire being?
well that’s what you need to be going for when buying scents.
that’s what a “signature scent” is.
no one can wear it like you.


purchase these scents and more: sephora

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “Aim For My Neck ( I Want To Smell It All Day )

  1. Good choices I gotta say out of all of them that ysl l’homme is tops. Love that scent .

    As far as scents I love gotta go with Tom Ford black Orchid, it unisex and just explosive. When ever I smell it I feel fancy and sexy. There’s also Paco Rabanne 1 million, super sexy and can be worn everyday I would save the Black Orchid for flasher days.

    1. ^ooooh!
      only a selected few can wear black orchid without it smelling like death on them.
      you are one of the lucky ones 😉

      its amazing how you can turn someone out just by how you smell…

    1. ^start small and work your way up.
      Burberry touch was one of my first colognes to fuck shit up with.
      they sell it now real cheap at certain spots.
      20 – 30 dollars.

  2. I used to always get compliments with the acqua do gio. I actually wasn’t feeling it too much when I first smelled it, grew on me though. A damn jackal stole it and i’m still pissed about that years later, it was a birthday gift from my sister 😳

  3. YES! I love these posts! I love retail therapy! Jamari, you were the person that inspired me to get Prada which is still my favourite. My go to is Jean Paul Gaultier “Homme”. That one is great for EVERY situation because it isn’t strong but has presence and I get compliments on it. Prada makes me feel sexy. I have Paco RaBanne 1 million, but idk, it’s not my favourite, I wear it when I’m feeling casual and want to spice it up. I’ve been slowly stepping up my style game too! Small tweaks can make the biggest difference! I’ll check out the Dior cologne and Acqua di Gio. I want to add Acqua to my collection for the summer.

    1. ^im so glad you tried out that prada!
      i have never went wrong with that one!
      everyone wears 1 million so it’s kinda “eh” to me.
      on certain body chemistries,
      it is amazing tho!

      definitely add acqua to your collection tho!
      head to sephora and get a free sample of the ones i suggested!

  4. My all time favs are
    212 Original – Carolina Herrera
    Crave – Calvin Klein
    Polo Black – Ralph Lauren
    This summer I really want to try out Versace’s Eros and Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue

    1. ^amazing collection.

      why do I feel like polo black is the only good one?
      the rest of the polo collections are terrible and don’t last long.
      like a half an hour tops.

      i saw eros but i don’t think it went with my chemistry when i tried it last time.
      light blue smells good.

      1. Lol my mom bought me a Polo Green and it grabbed me by the throat …it was way too strong and overpowering . I need to give it away but I’d feel bad seein that it was gift 😑

        1. ^i got that one and it still sitting on my shelf.
          those polo scents come off dull with no layers to it.
          it perfectly describes the snow frat jock.
          they tend to love that scent.

    2. I was given Eros as a Christmas present last year from one of my coworkers. LOVE it!!
      Another fave of mine is both YSL L’homme scents. My go to is Armani Code. I love the smell of that cologne.
      Try Chanel Egoiste…that’s another favorite of mine as well as Obsession.
      One of my favorite old school fragrances is CK One. It has that fresh out of the shower smell I like.

  5. What does you think about Kiehls? Heard Omarion talking about it once. Apparently it works well with scented lotions also.

    1. ^from what i know,
      kiehls has a musk scent that is pretty good.
      i had it in my collection before.
      not something you want to wear solo.
      it’s really strong and you can layer it under different scents.
      it is suppose to smell like animal sex.

  6. Daaaaaaaamn. Looks like I got some work to do. LOL I thought I was doing something because I finally branched away from Jean Paul Gautier & Versace and tried Bleu de Chanel (which has changed my life) … Still chasing this one scent – black walnut by banana republic — from like ’08 … It was EVERYsingleTHING for every season! Ugh!!!

      1. strangely enough, it does. It lingers ALL day whereas others would fade before the work day was even over.

  7. the Acqui Di Gio is the truth! I’ve been wearing it for over 10 years…in the summertime the aroma comes out when you sweat and its in all your clothes. People ALWAYS compliment. Good choice J!

  8. I LOVE SAUVAGE! I have a female coworker who wore it one day and I ran straight to Sephora to pick up my bottle the same day. I’ll be checking out the others you mentioned as well. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Yea! I’ve been waiting for a post like this! I’ve heard good things about all of these. Acqua Di Gio is a long time classic and I have YSL but it’s becoming too common. Definitely have to get the Dior and Tom Ford

      1. Creed and Dior– Bois,Colonge Royal,CuirCarnage and Anything from Byredo Parfums and Penhaligous Artemisia or Halfeti are what I indulge in..It’s not for the weak in the pocket book.. These scents are on a whole other level any no one will usually smell like you….FYI you can’t buy them at Macy’s either

        1. ^those scents are definitely from nordstrom and saks.
          i wanted to try that creed,
          but the way my salary is set up LOL
          one day tho…

          thank you for dropping the names for me to go sniff on a later date!

  10. Its so funny that a couple of years ago when you did the winter scents, First I did your suggestion of going to Sephora and getting those Bomb samples they have and actually listen to the foxhole suggestions and bought Spice Bomb, Paco Rabanne Million dollar scent and some Prada, for Xmas this year I got Tom Ford Noir. If it was not for the foxhole I would have never tried any of these. I just never try any new scents, I just stick to basic scents. I am in search of that perfect summer scent now that I have become a scent-aloholic but one that will not break the bank. I love Euphoria by Calvin Klein and he has another scent I wear all the time the CK Free but I want to be adventurous, so can someone tell me what would there top 3 for really light scents for summer.

  11. after i took my shower,
    i put on dior sauvge to test…

    i LOVE this shit.
    i mixed it with cocoa butter.
    it def goes with my body chemistry too.
    thank god.

  12. I discovered a nice frangrance called “Nude” by Bijan, a designer who had it poppin’ in the 80s & 90s. Had a boutique on Fifth avenue that was über exclusive (no walk-ins). The frangrance is really crisp & clean. Kinda reminds me of “Fleece” by Brooks Brothers…or a male version of Estee Lauder’s “White Linen” I’ve relagated it to my collection on s/s frangrances. I will look into the Dior & Tom Ford. I never liked the “..Gio” Kouros was a fave of mine from YSL, so i will give that one a sniff too. Thanks Jamari

    1. I just googled “Nude” by Bijan to see the price and where you could smell it at. How come I already got this scent someone gave it to me a couple of years ago and it was at the back of my cologne collection and sadly I had forgot about it. I just pulled it out and sprayed a sample. Damn I forgot how good a summer scent this was. Well this will save my cheap ass from having to buy something this weekend LoL. I am still going to go to Sephora today and get some samples of some of these scents. Thanks del365

      1. You’re welcome…I can be a “cheap ass” at times too😆😆😆. I’m also a stickler for a few 80s frangances like “Jacomo de Jacomo”, “Belami” by Hermés..

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