Empire: “Boom Boom Bang Bang” Is What The Gun Said

tumblr_o71kx6TUGm1u5351mo1_500so empire went “la complex” on us.
how crazy they jacked this scene @5:20:


…but it ended without jamal getting a black eye.
so i have just a few thoughts!
you know i’m gonna get into them…

– they really casted wrong for luscious mama.
her skin complexion is way off,
although they say you get lighter as you get older.
so that whole love triangle angle with tiana and hakeem was a filler?
wasn’t they nearly kissing in the studio?
– the dynamic between selena “nomez” and hakeem is off.
first he loved her,
and now he can’t deal with her.
i’m confused where the switch happened…

– so is “dl” majors character gonna be like “judy” from family matters.
he just walked away and never be seen again?
at least let jamal get that “recovery dick” one last time.
– what luscious said to jamal was cold blooded.
that “hiv” line was brutal.

– i loved when cookie grabbed her sister wig on the red carpet.

“walk away.
just walk away” – she said.

her sister knew she didn’t want none of that.
fantasia loaf cold clocking that security guard >>>>>
fantasia loaf love her a gun,
don’t she?
tumblr_o71ljxin5Z1u5351mo1_500too bad her aim always off.
last time she was shooting the ground.
why they clapping and smilin in the background tho?
andre has the nicest bunz i done ever seen on a wolf.
lets thank wardrobe for always highlighting his assets.
jamal shot.
i uttered “thank gawd”.
is that wrong?

now he won’t be singing,
but just my luck,
he will be singing with jesus in a coma.
– i love how the news people saw black skin,
didn’t know who it was,
but assumed they knew the lyons family.


next week is the season finale.
it already looks like freshly baked fuckery .
i’ll be there!

lowkey: boo boo kitty sitting on the balcony ledge.
all these dramatics from her.
why is she acting like an amateur?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Empire: “Boom Boom Bang Bang” Is What The Gun Said”

  1. I prefer the la complex version better maybe because it wasn’t rushed liked this DL relationship on empire is. We got to actually see the different layers to their love on here it just feel like something to move the story along.

    You had me dead lol at that Jamal shit line 😆

    You know they are going to use that as his inspiration for his next album next season.

  2. The episode was good, but was pissed about that stolen story-line though. Jamal was about to his jaw rocked. He was dumb for taking the bullet for Luscious, especially after what he said to him. Blood ain’t that thick.

  3. I just now came off my flight! Why you got me DYING on this Airtrain with this commentary you got on ya blog!?!?! As much as I dislike Jamal’s singing (although let’s be fair; he can sing) he didn’t deserve the bullet. He should of let Frieda shoot straight and true into Lucious dog face ass. Empire has managed to give us a character so deeply evil and conniving in Lucious that I struggle to watch it. He has no reedeeming qualities about him and he manages to come out on top over all. You don’t do family much less your children like that IDGAF. Haleem don’t love this girl. Pretty sad because we know that she thinks the WORLD of him. Andre’s ass looks delicious! The writing is getting lazier and lazier. No depth and I see no cultivation and refining of the characters. I’m tired of Cookie always giving mad black woman. Lol. I hope the grandmother spill all of the earl grey she got cause that been steeping for YEARS.

  4. I am still trying to figure what character is dying in the season finale.I know it’s not Jamal.They need to credit LA Complex for all the scenes they jacked from that show😂 I believe Cookie and Luscious are going to get married instead of Hakeem and that girl.I have a feeling the feds are going to come after Luscious and if they are married she will have spousal immunity.They waisted all these episodes with fluff now they have to pack all this stuff into two or three episodes.

  5. Yall are so petty. Now I see people will never be satisfied. We finally got a good juicy episode and nothing but critiques. I was bored with this season up until now. But this shit was better than game of thrones this week. And so what they stole a scene., who dont? Get over it…still all love for you jamari and the foxhole

  6. so Jussie tweeted that he’s leaving the show… really
    This season is just all over the place. Too many stories. Its never alright to steal a pivitol scene from another show. Most people have never seen LA Complex, but Empire was supposed to be groundbreaking and unique.

    My last season watching this mess

  7. MAAANNNN LA Complex my shit!!! It ended way too soon! And they were dead wrong for stealing that scene! Reason number 1736462 why I just can’t with Empire anymore.

    1. I loved LA Complex. I was a lot like Kaldrick (a degrees version) and it made me deal with my own sexual orientation and internal self-hate and homophobia (that confession on his web site at the end gets me every time). I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of “Empire.” Sad to think more people will see the ripoff and not just the original. Man, about to play some Baby Huey now!

  8. Well I believe someone has to die in the season finale because that’s how FOX usually ends most seasons they like to kill significant characters. I’m not really sure what’s in store for this show but man they got so big headed that they thought they could shit in our plates and we would eat it; but now they’ve destroyed the dynamic of most characters that were valuable. Boo boo kitty is an amazing actress remember that scene with her and Lucious in the season 1 finale when she was leaving and she snitched on him and he confronted her? That was gold!

    Jussie signed on to be in Prometheus II so I doubt he will come back. He also has a few major movie roles coming up, his character’s storyline was pretty much getting boring.

    1. Jussie is returning for Season 3 according to Entertainment Weekly.He has been in Australia for the last month filming Alien:Covenant (Prometheus 2).He will be returning to US this weekend.According to Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier he will be announcing Fox’s Fall lineup next week.

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