f0x swagg: The Tie Bar


i love how his suits fit him.
i really do.
in my walking around randomly today,
i ended up at macys.
i had no business in there,
as i like to buy nice shit,
but i needed to buy something important.

a tie bar

a tie bar.
i lost my other one and i needed a new one.
what is a tie bar,
you ask?
well i’m gonna font you…

a tie bar basically keeps your tie fastened to your shirt.
it is a small detail that really makes your look “stand out”.
it makes you look more put together,
in my opinion.
i hate a tie that is flappin’ all over the place.
the tie bar keeps it in place.
tie bars come in many various designs,
but they all pretty much work the same.
you should always:

place your tie bar two or three buttons down

if you are wearing a suit,
it would always be in view

it should sit just below your pecs

you can wear a tie bar with a suit or without one.
they run $25 – up,
depending on design and quality.
the tie bar i bought was $30 from kenneth cole reaction.
here are a few looks i found on google with a tie bar:

now you don’t have to wear a tie bar,
but it could transform your look if you do.
lowkey: i reallllllllllly wanted this tie bar…

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.17.57 PM

….but they didn’t have it in the store.

check out all the various tie bars: macys

*all images credited to users

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “f0x swagg: The Tie Bar”

  1. Jamari,

    You could have got the same tie bar on Ebay, Amazon, or even Burlington Coat Factory. It’s not too late to return it and save some money. Since I am a bargain shopper I save tons of money to put away for vacation time and I get alot of compliments on my style at work and in other places (only if they knew I pay mere pennies for my fashion).

      1. Hey Dig,

        I shop on a lot of different websites and use an app called Wish (I get different styles on there for affortable prices that people have not seen and are different. The websites I use and am on their mailing list are: Dockers (I usually save about 40-50% off), JosAbank (Save about 60%-80% off), Bannana Republic (usually 40%-70% off), Gap (usually 40%-70% off), Burlington (varies), leftlanenews, Finishline (30%-60% off) Macys (30%-60% off). These are the ones that pop up in my head at the moment that I use frequently and there are sites that I use as well.

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