Tamar Braxton Breaks Her Silence (Answering Shade?)

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i thought it was about the producers?
now it’s about the co-hosts?
that was tamar’s first comment since her “social media break”.
can the real reason tamar braxton was fired please stand up.
thanks in advance.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Breaks Her Silence (Answering Shade?)”

  1. Good luck getting another gig Tamar.

    Her rich, well connected husband won’t be able to do much for her if she burns bridges.

      1. She’s too damn old to be engaging in the foolishness.

        I don’t see how her husband deals with it. Her music career isn’t popping either. She needs to humble herself because her reality tv show can be snatched in a heartbeat, especially if her music career is flat and she’s no longer on daytime tv.

    1. None of those women have enough clout to get Tamar off that show. This is not The View. I’m sure they’re just happy to have a damn job. Lol

      1. Yea, I would actually think if anyone had a lot of pull on the show it would be Tamar before the rest of them. There has to be a deeper issue here.

  2. this fired begun to be so theatrical, she’s has been fired point blank,why she made it a big deal everybody is remplaceable even Obama,she call other phony bitches, she’s not a angel ,she’s a bitch too,
    sorry for my English,im french

  3. If this trick is a singer, I need for her to sing, hit the damn road and perfect your craft, I am sure you can do all the summer Gay Pride events if nothing else. Who the hell cries over a damn show, nobody even watches, do you need a check that bad? This is all turning into a big publicity stunt, you dont see Beyonce, Brandy, Monica all women in her age range out here trying to do a damn talk show, they are on the road trying to make a living off of their voices, hell open up for your sister, she can still sell out a Casino if not the arena’s of her heyday.

    Being fired is a big blessing from God, he is pushing you into your purpose, clearly if the talk show was your purpose your ass would still be there and not standing behind LaQuisha waiting for them to process your unemployment application. Stop being an over the top Petty Ass person. Nobody cares but your fans, and they didnt even buy your last album, so dont put too much stock in them to have your back.

    1. Yo T, is everything OK? Lmao… By the way, I sent you an email couple of months ago you never responded.

      1. Hey let me check, dont judge but I havent checked my email in a minute on that account LoL, I was actually looking for one from you but didnt see it and hadnt checked in a minute I hope I didnt accidentally delete it when I did last check. If so send me another one Bro.

  4. That talk show is whack anyway, so i never really watched much of it, only saw some clips on youtube, and could never stand Tamar on that show. Just so annoying. She’s like 40 and acting like a ratchet 15 year old. Not cute. I only know Tamera and Adrienne, but I never cared for Adrienne’s opinions, and while I like Tamera, she’s kinda “zzz” for a talk show, Loni’s funny sometimes, and the other one, not a clue. If I’m going to watch any daytime talk shows, It’ll be The Talk because while I may not know all of them, they mesh pretty well together, and they have some intelligent opinions there, and for the lulz and gossip, Wendy, but I only watch her Hot Topics and her advice segment, purely for entertainment, the rest I don’t watch. Sometimes the View because I like their topics, but don’t really like anyone on there except for Whoopi, and she’s not even there half the time!! LOL

    The Real is REAL lame, and Tamar is not someone I’m interested in, so I don’t feel bad for her.

  5. Her attitude is the reason she was always getting dropped from all those labels. She’s a talented girl but she’s very extra. Could be insecurity issues but she always seems to try to hard.

  6. Tamar cut it out. at this point nobody cares. when we needed you to say who did what. you was no where to be found. now that the news of you being fire is dead down. move on and work on a album that people will go out and buy.

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