tamar braxton being tamar braxton (isn’t she tired of being tamar braxton yet?)

when i disabled my personal ig and facebook,
i needed a much-needed break from my world.
i haven’t looked at anyone i know pages during this hiatus.
people could be dead and i wouldn’t even know.
if folks want me,
they can get my number to see how i’m doing.
i’ve been steadily working on building me back up tho.
tamar braxton seems like she needs constant attention so she can’t do that.
she went on “the tam’ron hall show” to speak about her suicide attempt and…

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shouldn’t tamar braxton be on a mission of healing and inner work because…

tamar braxton
tamar is the type to have you scratching your head with her antics.
you want to feel sorry for her,
but she always does something that makes you go “wtf?“.
so she ( x released a statement ) after trying to take her own life.
it seems everything revolved around her contract with “wetv”.
well wetv released a statement about her new show on their network,
get ya life!“.
they said via “tmz“…
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the 911 call heard around the world about tamar braxton

i always feel for those who discover someone who tried/taken their own life.
in my days of suicidal tendencies,
that wasn’t something i cared about as i was ready to leave it all behind.
now i see that can be a very traumatic experience to endure.
hollywood unlocked” released the 911 between david adefeso,
who happens to be tamar braxton’s boyfriend,
after he found her unconscious from a suicide attempt via “hollywood unlocked“…

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hang on tamar, hang on

i was just telling someone the other day how tamar braxton is good for tv.
so much so,
they can’t seem to find someone with her same magnetism on “the real“.
as dynamic as tamar is,
i wouldn’t peg her for someone who would try to take her own life.
maybe that’s the problem in thinking that because i’ve tried to do it on multiple occasions.
i couldn’t sleep last night so when i hopped on twitter,
i saw this news via “tmz“…
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tamar braxton discovers gay males tonight

tamar braxton is putting other vixens on.
she realizes that there are certain males who don’t want pussy.
some males will lay up with them,
have sex,
go on dates,
but will want more than pussy.
and that’s on her momma!
this is what she posted in her ig stories

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Tamar Sent; Toya Came.

i find the following funny.
this is why i tell everyone relax when dirt is being thrown on you.
don’t engage in the nonsense.
karma will handle it.
the tables do turn and all come to light eventually.
remember when toya carter and tamar braxton were thick as thieves?
remember when that whole atl posse ganged together for k michelle?
they picked toya’s side because of all the alleged lies memphitz said about k.
that same memphitz that ultimately showed his true tail to toya.
well ain’t it funny
so tamar decided to dedicate a post to tiny and t.i. on some randomness.
she mentioned toya within the paragraph.
this is what she put on her ig
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