tamar braxton statement is giving “it’s my fault but it ain’t my fault either”

i’m here to font ya’ll…

Chrisean is NOT my little sister.

chrisean is the coddled wild animal in the family.
one that i can’t understand why.
after everyone dragged tamar bald over this chrisean assault,
she came out with a IG statement about the whole mess and…


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uh huh,
why is she acknowledging chrisean in this way?
it’s like she doesn’t want to offend her.

chrisean violated your friend.
she should be cancelled and blocked on everything.
she wanted to be her big sister?

…and then the tears?

tamar loves bungling the bag and being confused as to why.
chrisean has showed all of us who she is.
since her arrival on the scene.
i’m confused why everyone still doesn’t want to believe it.

chrisean came back on her social media to post her response to tamar:

tamar can look at this as a sisterly squabble.

the day chrisean meets her match is going to epic.

lowkey: my sister is similar to chrisean.
her ass burned all her bridges and now she’s alone.

2 thoughts on “tamar braxton statement is giving “it’s my fault but it ain’t my fault either”

  1. I just want to first start out by saying that I’m glad you’re talking about this Jamari, I do want to approach this from some different angles.

    This might come across as misogynistic, but, for the last 50 years especially post “ Me too” in concert with “ believe all women” and “ protect black women” we’ve created an environment where it is nearly impossible to hold women accountable for anything. If Chrisean truly assaulted James she belongs in jail and at the very least should be responsible for pain and suffering in addition to medical/ dental bills; however if James dared to exercise his right and press charges people would be acting like he was the enemy.

    Im also going to say something else that maybe somewhat controversial, but “ Ghetto, Hood, and Ratchet” need to lose and lose in a very public way for everyone to see. Lets be clear being low income, poverty stricken or facing some form of homelessness doesn’t make you ghetto, hood, or ratchet they are not the same thing. I do want the best for people and I want people to better their lives but Tory Lanez being found guilty was a good thing for the community to see; Blueface, Da Baby, NBA young boy, Lil Boosie they all need to lose; Chrisean rock, Sexy Red, Sukihana they need to lose and the list could continue. At some point we’ve got to stop celebrating and uplifting bad behavior.

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