tamar braxton being tamar braxton (isn’t she tired of being tamar braxton yet?)

when i disabled my personal ig and facebook,
i needed a much-needed break from my world.
i haven’t looked at anyone i know pages during this hiatus.
people could be dead and i wouldn’t even know.
if folks want me,
they can get my number to see how i’m doing.
i’ve been steadily working on building me back up tho.
tamar braxton seems like she needs constant attention so she can’t do that.
she went on “the tam’ron hall show” to speak about her suicide attempt and…

…this doesn’t come off genuine to me.
to me,
she comes off like a full-blown narcissist.
her ig tells that story.

i’m starting to wonder why they made her a star?
i’m serious.
she started out so good and something went wrong.
fame truly not for her.
she has had so many opportunities to better herself,
been on platforms that could have taken her farther,
but she lands right back to square one.
now she is coming out with a podcast called “under construction” in november:

…where everyone is suckin’ on her titties in the comments.
is her therapist gonna be her co-host?

enough is enough.
she could have showcased that journey better on her reality show.
one thing about them damn kardashians

They gonna SHOW US their drama.

they know how to generate buzz and explain it on the shows in the new season.
2020 is showing that all these reality show folks bring nothing to the table.
the pandemic has been showing me that.
this one here:

did she leave reality to do this?

this is her fallback career?
why are those gay males her little pets in this horror show?
and social media is a horrible mix

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “tamar braxton being tamar braxton (isn’t she tired of being tamar braxton yet?)”

      1. I was with you until you mentioned the Kardashian. You mean all the drama that they create then try to blame on the black men? Then hoes?

    1. Exactly. She acted out on the show for YEARS and all they would say is “that’s just Tamar being Tamar” Yeah, well when you don’t nip that kind of behavior in the bud QUICK…you get a monster.
      And that’s what happened, she became a monster. Even more so with the success of her album, and we witnessed it.

      Tamar has no one to blame but herself. People don’t want to put up with the BS any longer, and it’s “woe is me” now. While I would never wish for anyone to do self harm to themselves, she brought all of this madness on herself…and she doesn’t take accountability for her actions. It’s everyone else’s fault.

      Hopefully one day she can get he act together.

  1. I’m so sick of these Reality hoes!! Tamar & David faked her suicide attempt, to get out of her WE tv contract, now she’s trying to keep David from talking by lying about their relationship! I legit don’t like her & Nene used to be my fave but she let her ego get her FIRED. Her attempt to show Bravo and others she’s out here working without them is PATHETIC!!

    1. ^i think this pandemic is teaching us who deserves stardom.
      these reality show folks don’t need to be gassed the way they are.
      i blame us,
      the audience,
      for making them bigger than they needed to be.

      1. Amen to that. Putting trashy folks on a pedestal does nothing but create monsters.
        And most of these “reality stars” don’t deserve to be showcased like they are. The pandemic is showing us that these folks have NOTHING to offer….except OnlyFans.

  2. Tamar will always be Tamar Braxton. If she turn to somebody else, she won’t be Tamar Braxton. She has always been extra when we first seen her. Why should she change now. She was always been part of the Braxton’s. As long as Toni still singing, Trina, Tawonda, Tamar and Tracy will have a job, period. They have always been her backup singers. I mean you can’t listen to Seven Whole Days without hearing all of them.

  3. NeNe, this show, is what NeNe is; Drama! A bunch of girls sitting down reading people. My thing is, not a mask in sight. They need to read themself for that. How is it that you used a cheap ass camera when you can use a iPhone and get a better outcome. A rich bitch, shouldn’t have a cheap production. Too many people on YouTube have better setups and better definition. NeNe trying to coin a phrase, nobody knew you until you knew me. She got beside herself. A show where the co-hosts gay as hell and she the only CIS woman. The Reading Session. I mean, look at TS Madison, she could’ve been in her own room in her own house. She trying to capitalize on the YouTube shows but she a decade too late. YouTube got too many rules now.

  4. I’m trying to figure out how and why black gay men still rally behind Nene, especially AFTER her “BRING A GAY” party where she sported gay men as if they were some mediocre handbag. She is NOT our friend. Only hangs with gay men for fashion advice, reads and lingo. As for Tamar… I think wants to change but she needs to hold herself accountable. During this “interview” she blamed everybody and their grandma except herself. She was HORRIBLE to her family for fame! Now when the tables turn she wants sympathy. I refuse to believe people who cry with no tears…….

  5. One thing I have never liked about Tamar is that she hides from her real reality. Every time she has to face her truth to fix her life, she runs, then is the victim and sweeps everything under the rug like it never happened. Then seeks attention again.

  6. I may be in the minority here, but I want Tamar to heal. I can understand why people doubt her sincerity and this latest approach. I love all the Braxton sisters and wish them well. They are very talented and I wish they’d focus on those gifts (sans Toni who is doing that). I don’t know that I will tune in to the podcast, though. I would’ve taken time AWAY from all media but that’s my approach, lol…

  7. Kid Fury and Crissles’ people need to have some ceases and desist letters aimed at Nene, cuz this looks like a low budget “The Read.” And I don’t understand her issue – she was making the same amount of money for less work; ego is a bitch.

    Still watching this Tamar interview – and I’m not sure I believe her. She seems evasive about the questions Tamron is asking. However, if she was suicidal, I hope she gets help.

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