after all that sex and birkin bags, it was just a honeymoon phase

it’s not #relationshipgoals; its the #honeymoonphase.
the beginning of any dating/relationship situation is always the most amazing.
you see it with others or even yourself.
everyone thinks ya’ll gonna be perfect together.
you want to be around each other all the time,
you’re going everywhere together,
texting all day and night,
and you’re getting your tail busted every chance you get.
the sex.
the gatdamn sex.
you see it on social media with most couples and suddenly…


the pictures are taken down and they have both unfollowed each other.
one person is half-naked again; the other is subbing with “heartbreak” memes.
it could be a combo of both.
even if they never displayed their relationship publicly on socials,
you know when someone is in a relationship and when they’re single.
it all simply means

They actually got to know each other.

i think that is the issue with relationships today.
people don’t get to know each other.
they’re dating to date for the superficial of it all.
it’s all tied to needing someone else to complete them.

the excitement of being with someone is always fresh and new,
especially if we are highly attracted to them,
but learning another human is hard work.
during the honeymoon phase,
their true colors are muted because of the probationary period.
you see glimpses of the “yeah, i can’t deal with this” here and there,
but the new dating smell and sounds of cheeks clappin’ can be very intoxicating.

…for a while.
almost all the time,
these entanglements are glorified fwbs (friends with benefits).
they should always be left that way.

honeymoon phases can be 3 to 6 months,
1 year,
shackin’ up,
having a kid together,
or even all the way to getting married.
there is no timeline on when the honeymoon phase ends,
but you’ll know once you realize this person really isn’t the one for you.
they actually fuckin’ annoy you.
no amount of good sex,
birkin bags,
and public displays of social media affection will change that.

7 thoughts on “after all that sex and birkin bags, it was just a honeymoon phase

  1. What about gay male relationships? Like what happened between reality star Ryan Cleary & singer TK (Trace Kennedy)? They were a beautiful Black same-sex couple, over a page of loving photos together, Ryan posted they got married, Covid-19 hit, they were together in LA &…then Ryan is back in the UK, & all traces of his husband are gone from his IG page. Same with TK. I don’t think any Birkin bags were involved.

  2. I’m confused. What’s the difference in that gif and Flashman Wade’s stroke? I thought it was him at first.

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