even after a stabbing, terrelle pryor and his girlfriend are your #relationshipgoals

some folks are drawn to each other in relationships,
no matter how toxic they are.
they will create so much drama,
nearly stab each other to death,
call you to vent about how disgusting they are,
scream they are done,
and be on a baecation together while screaming “couple goals” a week later
for your sanity,
they need to be ignored.
ex baller wolf,
terrelle pryor,
seems to be dealing with that with his girlfriend(?),
she ( x stabbed him up ) last year…

and the update

Former NFL star Terrelle Pryor and his girlfriend were both sentenced to probation on Tuesday in Pennsylvania after pleading guilty to reduced charges stemming from the couple’s 2019 domestic altercation, when she is said to have stabbed him repeatedly.

Attempted homicide chargers had previously been dropped against Pryor’s girlfriend, 25-year-old Shalaya Briston, who pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a simple assault charge and was ordered to serve two years probation.

Pryor, meanwhile, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a summary count of harassment and will serve 90 days probation.


After Tuesday’s hearing, attorneys for Pryor and Briston requested that Judge Anthony M. Mariani lift a no-contact order that had been in place since she was charged with attempted homicide. The couple then hugged in the courthouse, Briston’s attorney, Lee Rothman, told TribLive.com.

They’re still together. They want to stay together,’ Pryor’s defense attorney Stephen Colafella told TribLive.com. ‘This has been such an ordeal for both of them, and somehow they’ve managed to persevere through it.

‘I think they realized what could have been lost through all this. They seem to be in a good place,’ Colafella said.

you know they were probably still sneak linkin’ during that “no contact” right?
she stabbed him up and found her way back to him.
sounds like “hood love 101“.
he is currently without a job in the nfl.
does she have one?
this is where relationships are tested.
we shall see how this will play out when things get really tough.

i give it until springtime.

article cc: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “even after a stabbing, terrelle pryor and his girlfriend are your #relationshipgoals”

  1. A relationship like this is dangerous. One of them will end up dead. I pray not, but that’s the road they’re heading down. That’s not love…especially stabbing someone like that.

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