terrelle pryor got more than leftovers in that kitchen from his girlfriend

it’s always the fine ones.
i remember seeing nfl baller wolf,
terrelle pryor,
working out with antonio brown on snapchat a couple years ago.
his bawdy and that tail was the truth in those snaps.
well in 2019,
terrelle is out here getting stabbed up by vixens right after thanksgiving.
it’s a whole story via “tmz sports“…

NFL wide receiver, and ex-Ohio State QB, Terrelle Pryor is hospitalized after he was stabbed overnight in Pittsburgh.

Terrelle was reportedly at his apartment when the violence broke out.

Terrelle Pryor has been arrested and charged with simple assault, according to the Pittsburgh Police.

Officials say the 30-year-old NFL player was involved in a “mutual combat” incident during a Nov. 30 dispute … and the female involved has also been arrested.

24-year-old Shalaya Briston has been charged with Criminal Attempt Homicide and Aggravated Assault.

of course,
there is more mess to this story via “tmz sports“:

Terrelle Pryor knocked a SECOND woman to the ground before getting into a physical altercation with Briston, a witness told police.

TMZ Sports obtained the court docs with witness accounts of the incident and it’s insane — essentially saying Pryor and Briston got into a huge fight earlier that night that turned explosive.

A witness told cops … Pryor, Briston and friends had gone out to dinner and drinks when the couple — who have been dating for about a year — began arguing.

Briston and her friends went to the club and Pryor went home — but when the group got back to Pryor’s place after partying, he was waiting in the hallway pissed off.

One female witness — a friend of Briston — told cops Pryor knocked her to the ground and began physically fighting with Briston.

The witness says Pryor and Briston “locked up” and “began to tussle.”

The fight spilled into the apartment and into the kitchen — and the next thing the witness saw was Pryor clutching his chest and bleeding.

Briston and her 3 female friends drove Pryor to the hospital where he was treated for VERY serious injuries.

In the docs, one officer says the female witness was voice texting into her watch and was overheard saying, “She was just defending herself and had to do it.”

She added, “The only reason I’m here was to make sure that he didn’t die” and “we should have just let him die.”

this is them in “happier” times:

you’d never suspect he was allegedly kicking her tail.
from what i heard through the forests,
shalaya was friends with his baby’s mama.
i guess she was plotting on him all along,
but karma came back to pay it’s debts.

this whole story is a mess tho.
you gotta be a real piece of work if folks talking about letting you die.
i’m sure she will find her way back to him.
this drama be foreplay to some folks.
they always do.

low-key: some wolves you fuck and keep it that way.
once the honeymoon phase ends,
you see a whole different person.

article and picture cc: tmz sports

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  1. I find this all sad all be it for different reasons. Why is it that we always try to minimize the violence perpetrated by women? I’m reading the comments and it is as if we are trying to give an excuse to the woman and blame the man for his own victimization. The friends story doesn’t really make a lot of since and the severity of the charges that Shalaya Briston is face with, Attempted Homicide and Aggravated Assault are huge and would imply that this goes beyond a self-defense argument.

  2. Money doesn’t make you classy. It highlights who you truly are. He reminds me of Dro from Insecure. Both look sneaky and up to no good.

  3. come on this man is 30 yrs old and still acting like a jealous hoodrat. the best you can do is get in a fight with a woman. based on the story they have a toxic relationship not good for either so it better they go their separate ways. but I guess once hood always hood and sounds like he has a problem laying hands on women too

      1. hopefully he learns from this bc another inch or if they hadn’t taken him to the hospitally as quickly as they did you would have checked out. it being reported that one of her friends said they should have let him die, sad all around. he got the break to the nfl and doesn’t seem he made good of it while it lasted

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