zion wade debuts acrylic nails and the internet has a meltdown

people are weird bro.
it’s like they act shocked for the purpose of acting shocked.
dwyane wade’s son,
is gay.
“out of the closet” gay.
in ^that pic above that gabrielle union posted,
you can see that zion is wearing acrylic nails.
it caused commotion and confusion within the social forests.
so much so,
dwyane had to respond on his twitter…

it’s really sad that he had to post that.
zion is gay and is clearly gravitating towards his more feminine side.

What is the issue?

he isn’t getting abused or neglected by his family.
his family is supporting him as he lives his truth.
i always get into this “truth” thing because it turns on and off at certain times.
i guess some folks are use to their toxic families not supporting their choices.
i get it.
i think this is a cute little family and i’ll allow it:

instead of having an issue about ^this,
where is the issue about that fat orange jackal doing a second term?
what about white folks calling the cops on innocent blacks or all these mass shootings?
you can’t even go to walmart without the possibility of getting shot tf up.
don’t even get me started at these wack jobs overworking us to no retirement.
i can find more shit to be upset about than a happy gay child.

pictures cc: gabrielle union

36 thoughts on “zion wade debuts acrylic nails and the internet has a meltdown

  1. @Greek

    I don’t even understand why some people feel like just because someone mentions a scripture or knows the Bible they are being holier than thou. My family is religious. Ive been reading the Bible since I could first read. It is the first book I have read in it’s entirety, more than once… Both Christianity and Judaism are nothing new. I know them both. Not once did I use it to bully any gay person on here. I simply state what it says and what homophobic and violent people do that contradict it. I’ve never bullied anyone (homosexual) with biblical doctrine the 5+ years I’ve been in the fox den, ever. Most of the time,I’ll comment and may or may not respond depending on my mood. My views like a few others on the Bible are highly controversial.

    It’s quite hard for people to believe the Universe came from nothing because they simply enjoy the satisfaction of believing they are living for something. The Bible as I’ve said is probably an outdated “textbook.” It’s examples are based on the human experience and it was written by men. A bunch of men (who are often depicted as white or fair-skinned) who lived a long time ago with a bunch of theories as to why things occur. Over time, humans have evolved to understand why these things happen which have given us lots of cures and methods of prevented care they never had and while I do believe in a “higher power” or source, a book of contradictory theories against what actually happens doesn’t move me. So while some of us have evolved physically, not everyone has mentally. Slavery of the mind is a real thing.

    Religion is comfortable for people these days. It gives them room to feel special and ignore the reality of the world by saying they will pray about it and hope things will get better. Reality check: Just because it’s good for you now doesn’t mean someone else is not getting murdered, raped, tortured or eaten somewhere else in the world EVERY SINGLE DAY. Quite often these circumstances are unfair and the people are innocent too.


    I am not a “QUEEN,” I have a dick. You can call me a KING, Im not that upright and I do joke with Queen and Sis and even Girl but you used it in a way to be shady or put down my character. No deal.

    I just questioned you. What does their looks have to do with him being discriminated as with the topic. The people are doing more than saying he’s a mess. They are projecting hate on someone who is expressing themselves.

    Just because they say “opionins are like assholes, everyone has one” doesn’t mean it’s cool to use your opinion to be an asshole.

    I just was wondering how the overall message of being a beautiful black family of love and acceptance called for the attack on their appearances.

    Also, you said..

    “The boy is free to be himself and post it on the internet, and people are also free to think he looks a mess.”

    And I responded..

    “Correct, until THEY start showing THEIR asses and being hateful.”

    This is why you see THEY and THEIR in the sentence and not YOU. I was talking about them in that regard, not you.

    I agreed with you that people have a right to their opinion with something they don’t like as long as they aren’t being hateful. But I also like to make sure because sometimes “opinions” just like folks usage of the the word “preference” these days is often based off prejudice and/or self-hatred & they try to mask it.

  2. I think this is just a phase he’s going through, plus he has wealthy parents. He’ll get all kinds of hell on social media but won’t experience brutal beating/bashings like someone in the hood.

  3. My little brother went thru a phase like this around 15 that lasted a couple of years. I didn’t shunt him like the rest of the family. He looked like a normal kid who started dressing fem. No nails but I remember a few crop tops and such. Like a hot flame he burned brightly and eventually settled back to being and dressing normally. Now he’s a Marine married to another male former Marine. He’s doing well so I think everybody should just calm down. He’ll be alright and he’s got the kind of family that will insulate him from the haters.

    1. EJ Johnson repressed most of his effeminate side as a child and is now living his best fem life.

      Being allowed to embrace it now, Zion will likely become more like Odell Beckham than EJ Johnson. Whatever you repress is what manifests later in life. Allowed to explore, you become more balanced and comfortable. He’s not going to be Idris Elba, but don’t be surprised if he isn’t Derek J or Miss Lawrence.

  4. Black effeminate males (non-binary) get the shit in of the stick. Considered undesirable by many black gay males (“I want a man, not a woman”), they carry the heaviest burden within our community because they’re not as adept (be it consciously or unconsciously) at code switching like Trades.

    Yet, from what I’ve witnessed, they are the MOST welcoming in our community.

    Shame on all who had some negative to say about this young man.

    It takes courage to live your truth … especially when you’re young.

    If you don’t like it, don’t look. If it bothers u that much, u may have repressed “Freudian” urges and or feelings.

    1. The more comfortable you are with you, the less how others lives their lives affects you.

      The comfortable masculine straight men I know don’t roll their eyes or act disgusted when an openly gay man is around.

      It’s the ones who have a problem, but turn Minnie Mouse in the sheets I sideeye. As far as flamboyant, gay Black men running the show in the media..they’re the ones willing to admit that they’re gay.

      If you’re masculine and take pride in nobody knowing you’re gay, what exactly can you do to get visibility in the media? You don’t have to come out, but you can visibly be an ally. Somebody masculine has to come out that nobody would suspect. And I don’t mean tired rude divas like Malik Yoba. That’s why I love that masculine gay Black men are starting to open up, while embracing their feminine brothers. A “masc-esque” gay Black couple just got a show on Netflix so visibility is coming, but gay Black men have to be okay with being seen while they complain about visibility and emasculation.

  5. Too many Black people excuse their childhood trauma as “tough love” and that “they turned out okay”. No, you’re repeating the same abusive, small-minded dysfunctional cycle.

    Why do you think so many gay men have daddy issues? Their father was ashamed of them.

    So this lashing out is knowing even though they weren’t gay, their father still wouldn’t have condoned it, for straight Black men.

    Straight Black women are feeling some way seeing a boy be so comfortable when they feel only they can do certain things and somehow this boy is stealing their femininity.

    Think about it the next time you seek out a guy. Why? What does he represent to you as a Black gay man? What kind of comfort and approval do you desire from him? Is he an extension of the type of man your father would have been around? The Black men you grew up around? Do you want to be accepted by those from your past who shunned you?

    1. There is a word!

      I will say that I’m really working on purging myself of the inner homophobia that I’ve been conditioned to have. Anybody in their late 20’s and older should know that this world of inclusiveness is very new and uncharted. I’ve never had an openly gay relationship which now I crave so there is still a lot of unpacking that I’m doing myself. Now there are certain things as a gay man that I just don’t like or agree with and I’m entitled to that. I love that his parents are so supportive of the little boy and that they have unconditional love for him. That is very important! But there is a part of me that thinks this all too much for child. He’s not even a teenager yet he’s already being faced with serious decisions. How you present yourself to the world is a serious decision because there are no backsies. I can’t see myself giving my child a harder time then they are ready to deal with. If he was 18 then I would be here for all of this because you have a clear inclination by then of who and what you are. I just really hope this boy is gay and that it’s not something that is pushed on him. He could just Iike dressing up and being pretty but actually grow out of it. I’m just weary of what this will do to his psyche. If he’s gay then it’s truly amazing to have that support from the start and hopefully he can be the beginning of a new generation that doesn’t have to grow up conflicted and feeling denied.

      1. I’ve never had an openly gay relationship which now I crave so there is still a lot of unpacking that I’m doing myself.
        Thank you for admitting that! I think it scares many. They say they want to be private. But then what about if he gets into a car accident? They only allow family in. What about planning his funeral if he passes? Making decisions for his estate if he has dementia in old age?

        There’s a Black gay man who had a wealthy boyfriend who passed. The boyfriend left everything to him. The family is mad and wants their coins. If the boyfriend was a secret, do you think the will would be honored?

  6. I love seeing how supportive Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are of this child, and I wish EVERY parent, of whatever race, ethnicity, religion, class, etc. was as supportive and loving. Homophobia is one of many poisons in this society, and being Black and gay–and effeminate and non-binary–is partiicularly difficult, so having that key support as a child is so important. Bless the child and bless his parents too. Many folks could learn a vital lesson from them.

    Last point: many of these so-called Christians never seem to read the New Testament, especially the Four Gospels (the life and death of Jesus Christ) in which Christ is very clear about not mistreating others. The Gospel of Matthew includes a long series of admonitions on this. Also, the Four Gospels never mention homosexuality, not once. Not. Once.

    Christ never condemns homosexuality or same-sexual behavior. He calls out other things–turning the Temple into a bank, not feeding the poor or sheltering strangers or visiting those in prison, etc.–but He never mentions, let alone condemns same-sexual love. Tell that to the next Christian you know. They’re usually shocked when you do.

    1. Welp this probably gonna get me blocked but…

      Jesus very explicitly condemns sex outside of marriage. He says if a man is even looking at another woman with longing than he has already committed adultery. Jesus actually talks about marriage many times. He condemns divorce and even recommends singleness.

      Jewish Law (The Old Testament) defined marriage as a man and his wife. So Jesus didn’t talk about homosexuality because he didn’t need to, his main audience was Jewish. Plus he got killed so he didn’t have a whole bunch of time.

      BUT…Christians are not under Jewish law though. Which is why they don’t have to stone folks and can wear mixed fabrics.

      However, later his apostles (dudes he literally hand picked to carry on his work) spoke frankly TO CHRISTIANS about all types of sex. And again, sex outside of (male/female) marriage was a condemned.

      I get that some gays believe in God, but why twist yourself in knots trying to make homosexuality Christian?

      We all know it’s plenty of Christians that ain’t Christians which is why many don’t believe in God. Cuz folks is hypocrites.

      But if you talking about the Bible, it’s super clear on sex.

      I ain’t saying you should hate yourself but some of y’all need to stop lying to yourself also. Just keep it a buck. The God of the Bible don’t approve of gay sex.

      We can do what we want but we can’t bend the Bible to fit a lifestyle. I mean we can but for what?

      1. I agree. You can’t play semantics and try to fit a square peg into a round hole🤷🏾‍♂️

        To be honest, church folk of every denomination are just as judgmental of teaching sex education in schools, women having kids by different men, and women not being subservient to their husbands.

        This is what I’ve seen!

        Gay people aren’t the only targets of their disdain no matter how much they want to think that. They may be more open about their dislike of gay “lifestyles” but they talk about “ol girl with three different baby daddy’s” behind her back too🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. Also, Jamari…How do I get in contact with you through something like email. I’m using one of my phones and I don’t see a link anywhere. I have something I want you to see….

  8. @Greek

    “all of DWades children look just like him and Dwade is not attractive.”


    What does him not being “attractive” have to do with anything? He’s married to someone that finds him attractive and they love their children. Just because someone is “conventionally attractive” doesn’t make them better, smarter or automatically worthy. There are a hella lot of “attractive” people who are still single, crazy, and trifling. They can also be ugly too because of their narcissistic personalities. Most mature adults know that beauty is skin deep and looks fade which is why they tend to get married and find long lasting partners with people that fall in love with the person within, not outside.

    People who only focus on outer appearance never have a lasting relationship…ever.

    “The boy is free to be himself and post it on the internet, and people are also free to think he looks a mess.”

    Correct, until they start showing their asses and being hateful. No one has a right to wish death or ridicule anyone, especially a child, for being themselves. You are free to express your opinion on something you don’t like…but this is an example of HATRED.


    I don’t like homosexuality because my beliefs don’t support it.

    Weird flex, but okay. Do you.


    All gays need to die because the Bible said it is an abomination.

    Now you sir/ma’am have crossed the line and the reading you are about to get is going to be mighty.

    1. You know the more I hear this the more I believe when people say “people pick and choose which scripture to throw a rock with”. The bible indeed says its an abomination about being gay but guess what, who made them gay? It also says people shouldn’t wear cotton. Men shouldn’t sleep in the same house with a woman while she bleeds. We not supposed to eat shellfish. I’m waiting on somebody to throw that bible at me because I will stomp them with it and do it Madea style. “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so. If you been redeemed by the Lord and somebody does you wrong, you can beat the hell outta them and say so.” In that same Bible it also says as long as you believe that Jesus Christ bled and died for our sins, you shall not perish but have eternal life. “Where?” John 3:16.

      1. Same. The Bible says it was an abomination but THEY pick and choose. The majority of them still Cheat, have sex outside of marriage, have kids out wedlock, steal and murder.

        The Bible said it was an abomination for a specific reason. The entire chapter of Leviticus is based on being “clean”. Having unprotected anal sex is unclean not because of two men loving each other, it is unclean because people crap from their ass and if you stick you peen in a dirty butt, what do they expect to happen.

        The same chapter says Women on their periods are to be considered unclean too and she must be separated from the camp for 7 days.

        The very Bible they quote from also promotes slavery, is fairly sexist…making men to be exhaulted higher than women.

        If the Bible is against anal sex between men, it is also against anal sex between a man and a woman, pegging, heterosexual oral sex, ass eating and much more because it’s not “natural.”

        It also forbids celebrating pagan holidays. The Bible clearly says that God is the only thing you shall worship and build memorials to. You shall not make any graven image in likeness of heaven and Earth and worship it.

        Yet in still they celebrate pagan holidays (Valentine’s Day, Independence Day) construct God like monuments.. (Statue of Liberty) and have graven images, crosses,(which were a form of roman execution, not a testimony of righteousness. Jesus wasnt the first to be executed on a cross.) The make images of animals too for sports teams to high school mascots.

        There are numerous instances of God punishing “his chosen people” for doing this because they are wearing and claiming something that does not exist.

        The Bible says that God is a jealous God.

        All of this is in the Bible and they continue to be ignorant and ignore it.

        They will be believe a virgin gave birth to a man with powers but two men that like each other is the end of all humanity.

        It’s all bullshyt.

        I can go and find 513 laws right from Leviticus and rip each of those hypocrites to shreds.

    2. Now jammy you know it starts and stops at looks when it comes to the gays. When they don’t wanna fuck you then it’s almost like you shouldn’t exist. Sad existence when you have to wanna fuck somebody in order to interact with them.

      1. LMFAO!!! OKAY, okay you got me. Gay men could use a bit more work on seeing past looks, however, that comment above said by one of the foxholers was really nasty. Attacking the man and kid’s and calling them all ugly.

        The part that gets me the most is that as homophobic as Black people (especially Black Dads can be) here you have one embracing his son to be himself with love and someone is like..oh he ugly and the kids are too..

        But as you stated, the person that said that proves we could use a little more work in the LGBTQ community.

        1. Bruh I said what I said.

          The little boy walking around in a crop top and fake nails is premature and looks tacky.

          To ME.

          But you goin pull something with all that reaching you doing. Who said anything about an abomination?

          Ain’t nobody attacking Dwade just cuz I don’t think they are cute. He ain’t my man and they are unfazed by my opinion.

          But you not about to bully me and act like this whole blog ain’t about who’s hot and who’s not.

          Self righteous queens kill me..

          …chill on the holier than thou dissertation.
          A difference of opinion is sometimes just that.

          1. Self righteous? You calling the man children unattractive. You calling kids ugly…. That kind of asshole-ness ain’t needed.

  9. F*ck that. I DO NOT care if you are my skin color. If you have anything hateful to say about me or anyone else that is a part of the LGBTQ then you are not my people. You are the enemy… Our alliance is not solely based on skin color. Black parents who belittle their children because of their sexuality are the worst. It is harassment. It is verbal abuse!

    I adopted the mentality a long time ago. That if you give me negative energy, I disconnect you from my presence almost immediately.

    You raise your child to be respectful and responsible. That has nothing to do with who they choose to have sex with or how they identify. You tell your children you love them at ALL TIMES.

    I’m glad I never stumbled on this post on Twitter. I would slaughter every single one of their statements.

  10. I know people will get upset with me on this….but I am a BLACK man who is very GAY!!! I remember when I was around that age,I use to hide and play in my mom shoes and make-up. And one day she found out about it and I got my ass whooped. But that really made me not like her. But as I got older…I had to go through hell and high water just to be myself!! And all the hate came for my family as well as the Black people. It hurts my heart that OUR people can be so hateful!!! Leave that child alone and let him live his life!!! I know this may not make sense,but it’s how I honestly feel!!

  11. Unpopular opinion: all of DWades children look just like him and Dwade is not attractive.

    Also the look, it’s not cute.

    The boy is free to be himself and post it on the internet, and people are also free to think he looks a mess.

    Honestly even the girls in my family weren’t wearing crop tops and fake nails as preteens. It’s premature.

    But Dwayne is right, it’s his family.

    1. He’s unattractive to you. Personally I think the man is attractive, carries himself well and with class, and is aging well too. He also treats his wife Gabrielle Union and children well. He loves and supports his kids, especially his gay/non-binary child. That’s more than you or anyone can say about far too many parents out there.

    2. You sir are no better than the homophobes on the shade room. You lot are so casually nasty it’s almost painful to read.

      1. I mean its an OPINION. Everyone is entitled to one, even if it does fit the ‘let your freak flag fly’ narrative.

        Y’all can’t just go calling everyone a homophobe cuz they don’t like or co-sign something that a gay person (or in this case a child) does

        1. I didn’t call anyone a homophobe I said this person wasn’t no better THAN the homomphobes. if you must correct me then do it right.

  12. I stated on Twitter that black people wanted him to hate his son so bad, & I got dragged!!!
    Yes all races are homophobic asf but I only see my fellow black people being hateful, ignorant, & mean to a child.
    The oppressed love to oppress the lgbt!

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