i thought having a creamy hole was a good thing (but now…)

i never had anything creamy cum out of my foxhole when i was having sex.
maybe my soul left my bawdy for a few seconds,
but that was about it.
in porn vids,
i’ve seen foxholes getting extremely creamy when getting penetrated…

…i’ve always assumed it was because of the lube,
but i might have been wrong.
james the soul snatcher,
posted two videos that was retweeted in my timeline.
i wanted to share it with the foxhole…

i’m trying not to be judgmental during porn.

i went to a panel with the pretty vixen like 2 weeks ago.
there was a white hybrid on the panel who was discussing his use of prep.
he said that he has caught almost every sti since being on prep,
but is hiv negative.
i was automatically grossed out,
but he carried it like a badge of honor.
this was a text conversation the pretty vixen and i had the day after:

as you know,
or didn’t,

i’m still not sold on prep.
as much as it prevents hiv,
there are still other diseases are still being passed around.
as much as folks like to blame the “big bad dl males” for being reckless,
gay/bi males are just as to blame as well.

Everyone loves raw sex,
but don’t love what cums with it

even the straights are out here getting fucked up.
random kids and diseases.
hate to see it.

so if you’re creaming from your foxhole…

…it’s time to take yourself to the doctor.
as this one tweeter stated under james the soul snatcher’s video fonted:

sex cums with a lot nowadays.

I’m more comfortable jackin’ off to the wolf i’m lusting after than actually fuckin’ him these days

at least i’m safe in my fantasies.
you hype thinking your ass creaming off that pipe but it’s for the wrong reason.
i’m sure i’ll get some dick one day soon,
but these pineapples are too wild for me.
 be safe out here foxhole.

23 thoughts on “i thought having a creamy hole was a good thing (but now…)

  1. Such an awesome topic that I’m once again late for the party for lol. This was extremely insightful and on point. I blame porn for this. I don’t understand this fascination for the ass to be a pussy and for the ass to operate like one and gay porn, specifically black gay has done an incredible job trying to convince viewers that we have that. I don’t see this with white or even Latino gay porn the way i see it with black gay porn. This is more proof that we have got to do so much better.

  2. This is nasty and dl men like this cuz it puts there twisted minds th o thinking it’s like pussy and gay boys think there ass is pussy or bushy gross its ass and only time you should see white cream is if dude bust while fucking raw period

  3. What causes mucus in stools?
    Medically reviewed by Euna Chi, M.D. on January 5, 2018 —
    Mucus in the body is natural and a very important part of how the body works. Tissues produce mucus to line and protect the mouth, nose, sinuses, throat, lungs, and gut.

    Most times, mucus is clear and thin. However, illness, diet, or environmental factors can sometimes increase mucus consistency. Mucus can even change in color.

    People most commonly experience increased mucus when a sinus infection is present. They may notice when the mucus in a tissue after blowing their nose is a greenish color.

    What happens when important mucus changes aren’t so obvious? Men and women at any age can spot signs that something is wrong based on the content of their stool as well.

    Causes of mucus in stool
    Visible mucus in stool could indicate a disease.
    The mucous membrane of the large intestine helps stool to pass. A “normal” bowel movement will not produce much mucus. Yellow or clear mucus is present in such little amounts that the naked eye would not notice it.

    When stool has visible mucus, it can be a sign of bacterial infections, anal fissures, a bowel obstruction, or Crohn’s disease. This type of warning sign is the body’s way of saying stop, look, and listen.

    Other signs to look for:

    Increased amounts of mucus
    Blood or pus in the stool
    Stomach pain, cramping, or bloating
    Sudden changes in stool frequency, consistency, or color
    If the problem is obvious or persists, the next step is a call to the doctor.

    Dehydration and constipation can cause mucus from the colon to leave the body. This gives the stool the appearance of increased mucus.

    Increased mucus can also be a sign of illness, especially if inflammation occurs and the mucous membrane breaks down. This leaves the body more open to infection.

    1. Ok you went from fucking raw to taking a shit, I’m all the way confused but at the same time, I get it. Its about Mucus. At this point, this is turning into that health class that changes your mind about eating things after watching the health movies on how things are made. I don’t want to be on brick and the first picture coming in my head is snot on my dick with a condom on; that’s nasty. Thats a nasty as visual and I get it. See now I can’t get this — ok so beating off works great and please don’t say that’s not cum. Let’s just stop and tell people, its not cream. We at least agree on that. I have to woo sah this away. It was informative but a lil too much information. He gon wonder why I jumped off him the next time I see him “cream”.

      1. Lmao. I only went that route because when you have a penis going in and out of you, it mimics that process. When people say they take it for the first time, it feels like they are doing number two.

        So if you’re “creaming” that much, something must not be right

        Not too sound gross..🏃😂

        And cum is a mixture of a lot of things…

        1. *round of applause* I once asked someone what getting the D felt like and they said taking a poop backwards.

  4. I’m so glad I just finished eating but I feel sorry for somebody who getting ready to warm up the last of grandma or auntie chitlins and hog maws. I’m telling you these comments be hilarious because its like watching Family Feud. People throwing out different reasons.

  5. I hate it when people who aren’t doctors, who don’t have years of study give their “expert” advice on the subject that they really don’t know and people fall for this stupid shit. What’s next? A 5 year old boy fixing people’s cars?

    1. ^i mean if you google anal discharge from anus,
      you’ll see some pretty eye opening things.
      this isn’t so far fetched that this can happen.
      whole worms can come out of your ass,
      and crawl around your skull.

      anything is possible.

  6. None of these people have had an anatomy course, clearly.

    1) To push feces out of the rectum, there is inside a mucus the body lines your insides with so yes that is a possible cause, even if you douched, Douching flushes out the mucus, so between douching and anal sex your body is attempting to replenish it. The same type of mucus in your nose that traps germs you inhale.

    2) Yes, it can also be the lube

    3) If he is hitting “your spot” aka YOUR PROSTATE, you will leak prostatic fluids

    This reminds me of the Hymen debacle. Uneducated people talking on matters they are ignorant on.

    Here’s an official quote:

    “Milking the prostate refers to the act of massaging the prostate until fluid comes out. The fluid, which is milky, hence the term, may come out while you’re stimulating the prostate. Officially, the fluid is called prostatic fluid, which is basically ejaculate without the sperm. Got milk? Then keep at whatever it is you’re doing because it’s a sign that you’re getting close.” – Healthline.com

    1. So creaming should be a badge of honor if you can feel that you’re hitting the prostate, which is only about 3 inches deep in your anus. Another reason why length should not be a big deal with penis size. Girth and thickness will make the bottom feel “full” and the bottom can experience maximum pleasure having their prostate stimulated. The nerve endings in the anus are sensitive hence the pleasure, however the prostate is the actual SEXUAL ORGAN.

  7. Its ass. Asses do cream, it’s called shit. To believe anything other than shit or farts, natural ass products, comes out is delusional.

  8. At the year of 42 years old. I never brought into the whole creaming situation. Whenever you try to tell these young boys stuff to help them. they get mad at you for telling the truth.
    at the end of the day, I blame the porn who made that a thing.

    1. 💯 Especially among black men who have high rates of HIV. Black women also are high on the list over others.

  9. I’ve been saying this for awhile but folks don’t listen. If they hit your prostate it can be creamy because it’s the male gspot but other than that it’s not normal. I’ve taken my Anatomy and Physiology courses and ain’t never read about white discharge being normal. It’s an ass not a pussy so folks need to behave as such

  10. Also sidenote: If you haven’t looked into getting prostate checkups for prostate cancer, you may want to. It can go unnoticed for a little while but rest assured it is a killer of men.

  11. I’m happy to be monogamous. I’ve always been either to myself or only interested in one guy. However, there’s also nothing wrong with being a free agent either as long as they are safe.

    I was abstinent for a long time, only doing anal after college. I’ve seen and lost some people to “stuff” so I’ve always been personally anti-raw when it comes to anal sex. I don’t .

    I PERSONALLY would never penetrate a man raw in his ass. Even though folks say they douche, I find condoms at best, more hygienic to use, even if they do douche. The same if I was bottoming. I know folks think its crude and “boring” but I don’t want no precum, nut or anything lingering in my ass.

    Another problem is that gays like to refer to their butts as boy pussy. A man’s ass is nothing like a vagina…so I don’t even know why the slang is taken seriously. We all joke with names and stuff, boogina, bussy but I’m starting to wonder just how many gay men actually do believe they cream a sexual discharge as women do?

    If I remember correctly, I dont think any old school porn had men “creaming.” They had up close shots of the hole stretching and the lube

    You know them old ones where they use the same bedroom for ever scene?

    I would assume that any white substance coming out of your ass is either not healthy or a combination of lube, spit and other stuff people use to have sex.

    Don’t make a fuss, respect your anus.

    Two things I do know:

    I have been penetrated with condom use & I still FELT the dick and TWO: If your ass is tight and your bae or whatever is feeling you, he’s gonna nutt.

  12. I am so proud to be in a monogamous relationship going on 11 years be safe foxhole and make sure you wrap it up.

  13. You can orgasm thru your ass, but you can’t nut. If you are using REAL LUBE, not spit, vaseline, albolene, baby lotion, baby lotion gel, baby oil, or medicated ointments, you can get the cream effect. Too much lube will cause it to cream but if its dry and its running like lotion, something wrong. Somebody has an infection and who fucks raw dry anyway.

  14. Really insightful thoughts behind that…jeez, and I thought that was normal. I never had “cream” with the 4 men I’ve had sex some number of years ago in the span of 2 years.

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