breaking the internet at 82 (billy dee williams still got it)

you’re never too old to be honest about your truth.
even at 82 years old,
actor billy dee williams is breaking the internet.
billy dee admits that he’s a “he/she“.
this is what he had to say via “out“…

Billy Dee Williams is perhaps best known for his role as Lando Calrissian in the 1980’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, but at 82-years-old, Williams wants you to know he’s breaking the gender binary

The Star Wars actor recently opened up about his gender fluidity and using both he/him and she/her pronouns in an interview with Esquire. “I say ‘himself’ and ‘herself,’ because I also see myself as feminine as well as masculine,” he said. “I’m a very soft person. I’m not afraid to show that side of myself.”

“I never tried to be anything except myself,” Williams said. “I think of myself as a relatively colorful character who doesn’t take himself or herself too seriously.”

of course,
most aunties and grandmas are weeping at this revelation.

i mean,
don’t we tell folks to live your truth?
at 82,
billy dee chose to be honest about who he is.
i respect it.
i’ll admit that i don’t really understand the whole gender binary thing.
 if that’s how he been living tho,
who am i to judge his life?

Does this mean he is attracted to other males?

if so,
i can bet his memoirs are gonna be a good read.
i’ll allow it.

article cc: out

12 thoughts on “breaking the internet at 82 (billy dee williams still got it)

  1. Good for him though he didn’t actually say he was “gender fluid,” but instead has commented on acknowledging his feminine side and aspects. When he was a hot young thing and stage actor in NYC back in the day, he was in a gay milieu (Google the Black gay Harlem historian Michael Henry Adams’ blog for more info), so if he experimented then or even had romantic relationships with women I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s been married three times, and was charged after allegedly manhandling a girlfriend a few years ago, but he’s mostly been a very classy presence in Hollywood, and an icon for decades, so I’m glad he’s continuing to do his own thing and break the mould.

  2. Bravo to Billie . This was one of Hollywood’s biggest secrets!!!!( I wonder what made him come out now???)

    Years from now everyone is going to be “Gender Fluid” (Admittedly) .

    I believe we may be created this way.I have always wondered ….

    * Is God Gender Fluid???
    * Where is Mother God??
    * If we are made in “HIS” Image ,Where is the SHE??(Whose image is the female made from)?
    * Are they referring to God’s “Spiritual” Image that we are derived from?

    Don’t give me” God is a spirit” concept

    * Why were we made Male and Female and Pro-create???

    God could have made us just lay eggs or drop seeds like plants

    Just food for thought family.Not here to trip, or to offend( smile) ,but I am serious with this question .

    One love!!!!

  3. Have y’all ever wondered what it will be like for you 50 years from now? Will you have a story to tell to the new generation (if the Earth isn’t destroyed or whatever by then.)

    For some reason, looking at his picture makes me think of how people hold stuff in for their entire lives. I remember hearing a story (I forgot from where) about a dude who was known for getting his black blown out in the community, had a whole wife and everything and took it to his grave. Some of the dudes he messed with attended his funeral as “close friends.”

  4. Chile I thought you was gonna tell me he passed like Diahann, I was finna pass out in this here bed. I can’t take Black royalty just chucking up the deuces.

    This story is a hot mess because I need to see this in its original context. I just never thought of Billy Dee in this fashion. This whole gender binary is confusing as hell.

    Lawd can somebody direct me to the brothas that still use he/him pronouns and ain’t afraid to be a man who loves dick and ass. I mean damn!

  5. He never stated he’s gender fluid, he said he’s very in touch with his feminine side and the interviewer ran with that! Anyway I see a dragging from black Twitter & the hoteps coming !!
    I’m not suprised tho I bet him & Marvin Gaye had some wild nights back then!

  6. If he is gender fluid that’s great. But I just read that interview in Esquire and he doesn’t say he is gender fluid.I have read other interviews with him in the past and he has always talked about being feminine and masculine.He has a twin sister and I remember him saying he may be more in touch with his feminine side because he shared a womb with her.

    I think it’s very odd that a media site like People Magazine hasn’t mentioned this.I will not be surprised if his publicist denies this tomorrow.I really wish Out Magazine had gotten a statement from him saying he is gender fluid.

  7. For some reason I’m not suprised.. He’s always struck me as a gentle man. Beautiful, handsome. He has never been branded as a womanizer, quiet, laid back.. That was so unlike the men in Hollyweird/Hollywood that had to try and tell the world they are all about effing women.. He really didnt go that route. Nothing but respect for him. I’m happy he came out and spoke up on the issue. Could U imagine if he did so during the period when Mahogany, Lady Stings The Blues came out.. All hell would break loose.. Happy for him.

  8. So Billy Dee just came out and basically said he’s a fem trade. He had all those old women panties soaking and now he says, “I’m soft but masculine and gender fluid”, meaning Billy Dee got his cookies took.

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