“baby can i borrow your lipstick? we have a date tonight.”

i always think about certain fetishes within the black community.
as much as many black folks judge certain things,
we can be very freaky behind the scenes.

wolves getting strapped so their g-spots can be milked
vixens eating the whole cake
trans-vixens doing all of the above to straight black males

we tend to have intense sexual fetishes,
but we don’t really color outside the lines with other fetishes.
^that canadian couple,
nastia cloutier and benjamin altmejd,
has an interesting fetish that a foxholer sent me…

she embraces his love of crossdressing.
yes foxhole,
benjiman is a legit crossdresser:


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Name a more iconic duo ????

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I couldn’t see a black vixen being down with this

i couldn’t see a fox with down with that.
our community judges based on masculinity,
which can lead to a lot of toxic and unhealthy behavior.

i’m attracted to males.
i couldn’t date someone who crossdresses because that would be like dating a vixen.
i’m a black gay male who is attracted to other males.
if i wanted to date a female,
i’d be bisexual or straight.
my personal choice,
but i’ll ask the foxhole…

Would you date a male like Benjamin who crossdresses?

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10 thoughts on ““baby can i borrow your lipstick? we have a date tonight.”

  1. You know this is what happens when you label things. What happened to just being queer, meaning you can dress in drag, do feminine things but still be straight. If you like men and you are a man, why does he have to be fluid; he’s gay bottom line! He may still be attracted to women but sexually he likes men, that’s what being gay means. He is sexually attracted to men. The main letters are L-Lesbian, G-Gay, B-Bisexual, & T-Trans. If a gay man is a bottom and he is dating a trans woman who still has a dick; they are gay! Gender fluid is not a sexuality. It is what it is. At the end of the day, he is still getting penetrated by a gay man who feels he is a woman or should have been born a woman. Nothing wrong with that. This millennial shit is doing too much. We can be equal if you call it what it is. Stop naming it with another label. Why does the LGBT Community have to be difficult and have so many labels that says the same thing? If you are attracted to the same sex, you are gay. You are either a gay man or a lesbian. The way you live your lifestyle is not your sexuality; its a lifestyle. Sexually you are gay.

  2. Why not? Hell I’ve done drag a few times myself (it was just low budget crossdressing).

    I still wonder why so many of us insist on some fiction of absolute and unwavering masculinity. That’s why we’re all single or fucking the same dusty trade lol. All of us want the same type of “masculine” man and NONE of us are that man. Hell the straights ain’t either.

    And before anyone screams preference (again), I’m not asking people to change, I’m asking them to unpack WHY they have that preference. It didn’t appear out of nowhere.

    Yall should ask this the next time you’re drunk at a gay function. These answers range from hilarious to fucking sad.

  3. Wow, well this definitely one of many examples of what it means to be white and what it means to be black most white tend to be very relaxed in their standards when it comes to masculinity not all but most and as you venture outside of America how masculinity is view vastly different now for me I’m a live and let live type of broad but this right here is where I draw my line and as women I can’t even get moist off that just saying Iol! 😂😂😂

  4. Hmm.

    I mean…I don’t wanna sound like I’m being rude. The actual woman looks cute. He doesn’t look bad but I mean..ugh like when they make clothes for women, they are made to fit the contour of a woman. There is a reason why some clothes are distinguished for men and for women. Personally, I can’t really say too much since that’s on him and she likes that.

    Cross dressing has been around for ages tbh.

    As far as my man and even me, I don’t have a desire to dress or do anything like a woman. I love having a dick, ass and prostate…nothing about a self-identifing man in women’s clothing is sexy to me personally. Ive been seeing lots of men wearing women’s lingerie when I don’t understand why when they make lingerie for men already. This dude on Twitter asked if its hot and I’m like..Umm no. Not to me. I like my man in lace briefs or nothing at all…thank you.

    I had a dude who liked me whatever and he was like..you’d be hotter with a wig on like this. He had this weird fetish I’m guessing with dudes wearing wigs and I was hella offended. Like wtf. You want me to put on a wig so you can f**k me with it on to fulfil your weird ass fetish against what I naturally am. Like nigga what? Um..no. I’m not all into that weird shit that people do. I do have kinky ways like handcuffs…blah blah..but you ain’t bout to dress me in no Patti LaBelle wig with a TD Jakes Sabbatical church dress looking a damn fool..Not today, tomorrow or ever in the future.

    These days people gonna do what they do. You can’t tell em nothing cause then you’re a hater or showing toxic masculinity. When they look a damn mess and folks around them lying to them and most of the time they also look a damn mess.

    And Jamari you know I’m chill, not always right but I am blunt sometimes…

    I also low-key feel like heterosexuals despise gay lifestyle but they try to incorporate what gays due into their lifestyle and normalize for themselves. Like even with stuff like Grindr and Jackd, gay dating..Them hoes aint never had anything like that. They always saying all gays do is have sex and lust and now look at them. Them thots are Tinders Benders, Hinders, and forever Pretenders…in that order.

  5. Nahhh couldn’t do it, people always get on me cause I don’t date fems, but isn’t the whole point of being gay is being with a man!! If I wanted a female I would date one so why would I want a man who acts & dresses like one!

      1. <> it could not be more ignorant.

        <> ok but people need to own their ignorance, just like the “no chocolate, no rice…” bS. Jamari i want to see you celebrate ” dating preference2 next time black celebs says they prefer dating ouside their race. I guess it’s a preference too.

        A fem man is STILL a man as long he sees himself as a man. You don’t like fem men ? That’s totally fine, but to insinuate that they’re less of a man is plain stupid, just like saying that a masculine woman is not a woman. It’s almost 2020 and we’re still here ? It’s sad.

        How is a man supposed to dress and act ?

        But i’m not even surprised to see this kind of comment here. It’s always the same as soons as it comes to fem men or even transpeople. It’s really sad.

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