demetrius jenkins gets some pipe leakage and gives an explanation about it

*the following entry is rated x
viewer discretion is strongly advised

demetrius jenkins is “out here” out here.
out of all of the new “onlyfans“,
he came out swinging.
say or font what you will but that lil’ bi fox got heart.
he has been bringing good drama and pretty decent content at the moment.
he has had some leakage and well…




you’d think he’d be upset about his shit being all over twitter.


he addressed it in a way that only demetrius can:

he makes sense.
leaks build hype.
leakage is bound to happen.
they leak full blown movies and albums on the internet.
some of which these same attentionistos indulge in.
they thought they was different?

If you don’t want you shit leaked then don’t do it

another thing,
if you got good content and keep up with your supporters,
you’ll always be fed.
besides bodybyparker,
everyone else just uploads shit and acts too good to say “thank you”.
demetrius is doing that and it’s working.
the rest should keep up.
i’m fonting you…

The day he uploads a sex clip is the same day the internet will break.

i’ll allow it.

lowkey: he looks good in this pic…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

49 thoughts on “demetrius jenkins gets some pipe leakage and gives an explanation about it”

  1. Nice. He need to work on that arch though..😂 When you getting hit from that back them cheeks need to be the crest of the mountain and from back on down needs to be the valley below.

    You gotta have good form to match a TOPs momentum.

    I wonder do he be hitting high them notes when he bottom like Hot Rod?

      1. Even though I don’t be caring for OF like that, I might see what his channel is like but if it’s bullshyt Imma clapback..,🧐

  2. Why is he always so aggressive in his videos? Like he is always in defence mode.
    Like chill bro, it ain’t that serious.

    I’m also curious Jammy if he’ll be hitting them high notes. I have a feeling he will be like Castro/Supreme when he gets topped, all moaning like a cat in heat and shit lol!

    I had to chuckle at him saying ” You can’t do what I do”. Yea.. the hundreds of other guys on only fans with the same content and better says otherwise but keep going bro, do your show!

    1. He’s aggressive because he, like many gay men, believes aggression is the language of heterosexuality. I too thought this, when i was in middle school.

    1. Me too! Uncut is +++++. He’s very good looking and sexy. Sometimes he looks like he could get a little more sleep, though. Get that sleep while you’re a youngster, folks. It’s essential for brain and body health when you’re older!

  3. It was only a matter of time. Thing is…. once a person has access to your onlyfans… paid or not… it is VERY easy to download the vids and release them into the wild to roam free.. yes, he is getting paid now.. but he will have to up his game to keep people interested… otherwise they will wait for the unauthorized release. I predict he will eventually capture them cake being frosted Maybe a calab with Max Konnor or Rhyheim…. down the rabbit hole with you DJ.

    You can’t do what I do”… that is the catch phrase/motto Flame Monroe… the trans comedian. “Can’t No Bitch Do What I do” is the exact phrase.

  4. He need to start uploading snippets like others so ppl can get behind his content…and like one other person stated, dude is always looking angry and on defense.

      1. He probably throw that thang back HARD. End up on the floor messing with him LOL.

        I get nasty shit talker vibes from him. I’m not mad tho.

  5. Some good sexing might calm down the anger. He might be overdue for some. Lol.

    Liking the squat vid showing those slightly furred cakes!

  6. He masturbates like he has to think about what he’s doing while he doing it to do it right.

    The comments on the Twitter videos have me laughing!!

    One up said they don’t know where this behavior came from cause he was just a Jehovah’s witness last year.

    He could never collab with Max Konnor. Max would beat the breaks off that booty and have Demetrius hitting high notes like Mariah Carey but Maxx might be the dick he needs cause Maxx Konnor does slang pipe. Phoenix Phellington (I think that’s how you spell it) would probably smash him down too but from what I saw Maxx knows how to sling it properly and both of them can match his aggressiveness cause we all know he is a emerging powe bottom who looking for a power top to dominate him..

    If he really wanna make some money he needs to find the right dude and have sex similar to Tyrone and Johnell. Those two have good sex because they have chemistry. I don’t think he’s gonna go off to sex with dudes and film it. His next move is probably gonna be dildo…
    Which will only keep the attention of tops who never get to top.

    Since he confessed what he said in that first video a while back, “I want the nigga to be the nigga…” He needs to be piped down proper by one of the above or someone he knows personally.

    Demetrius is yo reading this? I know you cruising on the Foxhole. Who you gonna let get yo booginas on film first? I love seeing two sweating aggressive men going at it all rough

    1. You know he’s reading. This is what attentionistos LIVE for. He’ll have another angry-ish post about “blogs” and “haters” soon.

    2. He needs to let Rhyheim in that boongina and blow that back OUT. He’ll be arching, singing, hitting high notes and even flying to the moon and back by the time the new gay porn champ turns that pretty little red booty out. I’d join his OF to see that if Rhyheim didn’t post it first.

  7. Is anyone already a member of his Onlyfans and is it Interesting?. It’s not too much but it says he has 40 videos. $10 ain’t a lot but I still ain’t paying for 5 second clips and some vids of him talking. 🧐

  8. Demetrius is so ignorant and a poor excuse for an entrepreneur. The military has become almost as bad as the Ivory Tower: once a candidate gets tenure, it’s damn near impossible to fire the person. I wonder what the military will do about all of these service men and women doing porn? If Trump gets another term, Demetrius might be out of luck.

    Yes, leaks happen. But there’s another part of the equation. Companies spend millions to make sure the leaks don’t stay up long. Sony has an entire division, of about 50 people, who get paid to browse the dark web and the internet for their content and then to flag it.

    If this is what he’s offering, then he might want to invest his money wisely. I was considering subscribing to his OnlyFans but if it’ll be on Twitter, I can wait and just get it for free. How again does that help him? Make it make sense lol.

    He’s an entire clown. I hate to see it.

  9. I thought people were into the young jailbait looking guys.

    He doesn’t look old, but he’s definitely not 18. Is this a more mature era of lust? If so, that might mean more guys who have premature graying will stop dying and realize the gray hair on a young face is hot.

    Anyway, I wondered what the fascination with him was. I guess it’s the personality. He reminds me of Cardi B.

    1. Uh, have you ever scrolled through OF, JFF or even Twitter, let alone Pornhub, XTube, etc., because if not, we’re definitely well past the era of people fixating on “young jailbait looking guys.” If appearances are to be believed and likes and followers are to be counted up, gay/bi Black/brown men these days into all kinds of things, including (especially?) men in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

      1. No, I haven’t! I don’t know who to follow or what the hot blogs are smh. I miss the Tumblr era where I didn’t need to know who to follow and everything was screenshotted.

  10. You the comments be the most interesting part of the story. I love how everybody is saying how he should be paired with people to enhance his “onlyfans”. First off, Phoenix nah, Demetrius personality would clash and they would not be a good match. Plus Demetrius is not Phoenix type. Look at the people he has been with and look at Demetrius posts on instagram. I don’t even see Mr. Shabazz tagging him. Demetrius is a lil cocky and I could only see Khi Lavene really trying to break him. The thing is “onlyfans” has turned into a place where porn stars and freaky people can record and get paid without dealing with a studio and the studio politics. The most Demetrius may do is jag videos and thats gon get old… real quick.

  11. Now that I think about it…I liked him better when I thought he was straight. I’m not on any internalized-homophobia, but after he came out he started going down the attentionisto trail heavy and it just has made him not as attractive.

  12. First, thank you to Demetrius for his service to our country. I hope he does the most with his OF. I guess the aggressiveness in his IG posts may just be his personality and maybe he does bring that into the bedroom. If so, it could be really hot. Pair him up with some brothas who know how to work that bussy – Rhyheim, Khi, Krave Melanin, HarlemJock, DeepDicc, etc. – and don’t forget to warn people, unless you want videos leaked, that you’ll prosecute them to the full extent of the law if they copy and repost/share, and Demetrius will be good to go. Get some sleep, though!

  13. Lmao his personality is trash. No wonder dudes smash and dash. It’s obvious he’s throwed off lol

    Good ass ain’t hard to find, no one has to put up with an intolerable personality for some ass that’s probably mediocre🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. “Julian V”
    Why are you so bothered by Demetrius Jenkins being so aggressive in his videos? 

    Are you a feminine bottom who only dreams of getting his back blown out “allegedly” like Demetrius?

    Your long post seems to suggest this.
    These comments are so amusing lol
    Angry feminine bottoms are so threatened by aggressive masculine bottoms…Why

    Do you feel you are losing “good dick” to your masculine counterpart?

    Not Demetrius Jenkins

  15. All that aggression and rage …Iord I could image what the sex is like, especially if Demetrius is on top …and he’s a military man too 🤔😈🤤 OMG 😳

  16. Just had to comment…He is an absolutely beautiful man. Great eye candy, but seems like not a very caring person. I’m an older woman but just recently found out who he is by someone who hit me up with a fake page pretending to be him asking for money…thankfully I was smarter than that.
    But be careful. Scammers out there using Demetrius Jenkins name and pictures.

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