let’s be thankful this is the last thanksgiving in this decade

this is the last thanksgiving on this decade.
for me,
it’s been a wild ride from 2010 to 2019.
even in all of the fuck shit,
there was a lot to be thankful for.
i’m gonna list some things i was thankful for throughout the decade…

– i met the pretty vixen and she has been a staple within my life.
watching her grow and reach the heights that she has inspires me

pose really took off within this decade.
at the start of 2010,
she was at the bottom,
but she has really climbed out her valley and is somewhere on her mountain.
she is another who continues to inspire me.

karaoke leveled tf up.
she bought her own home,
making money off her old one,
got married,
and was gracious enough to co-host my podcast with me.
our friendship grew very strong within this decade.

– many of my other friends got careers started.
one bought her own home.

– i am grateful i was able to meet star fox before he left this earth.
he is one person i will never forget.
he taught me so much about myself,
but he continuously made me feel comfortable within my sexuality.

“you have a light shining within you jamari.
i really wish you could see it.”

i miss him so much,
but he is always with me in spirit.

– i’ve had some fucked up jobs,
but they taught me so much up until this point.
it’s never really the job but it’s the management.
almost all my managers and supervisors i’ve had shouldn’t be in those positions.

– out of all the males that were in my life,
work wolf was one experience that i’ll never forget.
he is long gone from my life,
but he taught me a ton of lessons and made me recognize shit i do wrong.

– i actually talked to a nfl baller wolf.
we met through this outlet.
it didn’t work out,
but he taught me that i should have fucked him that night.

– finally getting noticed in my blogger career.
 being on tmz twice and able to reveal myself to the foxhole.

– i’ve grown a lot,
started getting more comfortable within my fur,
and learning how to manifest my desires more and more.

i hope that this new decade will bring about even more to be thankful for.
thank you to the foxhole who have rode with me until this point.
i’m excited to bring you even more.
happy thanksgiving!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “let’s be thankful this is the last thanksgiving in this decade

  1. – i actually talked to a nfl baller wolf.
    we met through this outlet.
    it didn’t work out,
    but he taught me that i should have fucked him that night.

    This took me out. You know people will ask who, but be on your Lizzo and keep your “new man from the Minnesota Vikings” close to the vest.

    I’m glad you didn’t. Groupies are disposable. You are not.

      1. And this is why if you do end up with a baller, you’ll be able to keep him. Because he’ll have been watchng The Foxhole and determining that you are not immature and vindictive.

        You’d be surprised who is watching. Believe that.

        1. ^!!!!!!!

          i need to rescue and turn my entire life around right about now.
          i’d love to be taken on a whole adventure,
          blogging and taking pictures of my travels,
          and showing the foxhole how i leveled up.

          1. You’re not Cinderella. You don’t need to be rescued. He’ll match your fly and you’ll complement each other. He’ll know you’re that fox with or without him and will have been taking notes. I’ve seen it happen before. When you write about someone, they become interested in who you are, for better of for worse.

            And when he does arrive, you’d better NOT post him! The last thing we need is “A former Foxholer was in my man’s DMS”.

            The most I’ll allow is you posting a picture with both of your hands having engagement or wedding rings. And LONG after the fact.

            Make those cakes fatter today Jamari. Whoever he is, I know he likes them cornbread-fed.

          2. ^ cakes will be ready for him,

            i’d do the engagement rings,
            but no one will ever know who i’m dealing with.
            all they need to know is i’m happy and i’m living my best life.

    1. In memory of all the native people all over the world pushed out of their own land, kidnapped and taken to other lands by the hunters.

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