put me on my ass and make me feel good

i did something today.
something that i haven’t done in quite some time.
it was worth it.
so i decided to hang out with my coworkers after work.
it was real chill.
i usually take my ass home,
but i want to do more.
one of my coworkers i’m getting cool with told me to take a walk with her…

when we got outside,
she pulled out a weed pen.
everyone knows my anxiety has been through the roof,
but she wanted me to relax.
i was a little nervous to do because last time i was a paranoid mess,
but i had the urge to let my fur down.
so i smoked and foxhole…

That shit knocked my anxiety clean TF out

i knew that was some good shit because i ate a whole meal without feeling nauseous.
that munchies did me right.
she had sativa and i loved how that made me feel.
it leveled me out and made me feel so chill.
i didn’t need a new habit,
but i might have to start smoking again.

10 thoughts on “put me on my ass and make me feel good

  1. Foxy…. over the past year I too have learned of the miracle that is sativa. My first real go with THC was indica, but that just put me to sleep. Someone put me on to sativa. My anxiety has never been more relieved. I can’t get it as regularly as I want but when I do it is such a relief. I enjoy it it edible form. Like you, I am an introvert. Anxious is crowds. I can feel the difference when I have a dose and am able to be a little looser and social. Cannot recommend it enough.

  2. Nothing wrong with every now & then, I wouldn’t make it a habit Tho cause anything you do ALL the time eventually loses Its affect to some extent

  3. I’m not an advocate for smoking of anything. Lol.

    But…. be careful doing things of that nature with co-workers… you don’t want to show up next business day and a “random” DT waiting for you. Lol.

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