ruth george died because she tried ignoring cat calling

some males are fuckin sick out here.
sick af.
i don’t know why they think vixens like cat calling.
that shit is so degrading and gets them ignored on the daily.
back in the day,
i remember asking a vixen about cute males who tried to holla at her on the street,
especially from cars.
as a young and immature fox who thought that kind of attention was validating,
only because i yearned for male attention like that,
i might have been flattered by the acknowledgment.
she politely said to me:

“I am not a hooker.
You will get out that car and come speak to me.”

i know one vixen who had her earphones pulled out her ears from an aggressive male.
she cursed his ass out on the train,
but what if that didn’t go like that?
it’s scary af to think.
well ruth george didn’t respond to a hyena’s cat calls.
she is dead.
this is the story via “chicago sun times“…

A man charged with strangling a 19-year-old University of Illinois at Chicago student last weekend in a campus parking garage allegedly became angry and put her into a chokehold when she refused to talk to him or acknowledge his catcalls.

Donald Thurman, 26, spotted Ruth George as she walked by a CTA Blue Line station near the campus early Saturday morning, Cook County prosecutors said at his bail hearing Tuesday at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse.

Thurman “thought she was pretty” and attempted to talk to George as he followed her to a parking garage at 760 W. Taylor St., prosecutors said. About 1:25 a.m. Saturday, George was at her car when Thurman allegedly came up behind her and put her into a chokehold until she passed out.

After dragging her into the back seat of the car, Thurman sexually assaulted her and left her face down on the rear seat, prosecutors said. George’s body was discovered later Saturday morning by her sisters and police, who tracked her cellphone after she was reported missing, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office ruled her death a homicide by strangulation.

Thurman was taken into custody Saturday afternoon when police spotted him in the area and later admitted to the attack, saying that he “knew that his DNA would be all over the scene,” Murphy said.

Thurman was charged with first-degree murder and criminal sexual assault and ordered held without bail by Judge Charles Beach II.

Prosecutors said they recovered a palm print from the Kia that matched Thurman and said he could clearly be seen on surveillance video from the CTA station and parking garage wearing a distinctive white jacket. A condom was also recovered from the floorboard of George’s car and the white jacket was found in a home where Thurman was staying, Murphy said.

i hope they do the same to him like he did that poor girl in prison.

ya know,
it’s really hard to be a vixen out here.
i’ve seen some gays online that love this kind of attention.
i’ve known one who liked the thrill of males who did this in public.
looking back,
he got into some dangerous ass shit.
it would end up with him sucking dick behind alleys and other hideaways.
vixens are often terrified of this kind of attention tho.
some hyenas are really aggressive and don’t take no for an answer.
i sent this article to all the vixens i know because i’m disturbed af.
rip to ruth george.

low-key: imagine being a vixen who deals with cat calling every day?
one who has to turn down males constantly,
but not knowing who is the hyena within them all.

article cc: chicago sun-times

14 thoughts on “ruth george died because she tried ignoring cat calling

  1. Females (including Lesbians both femme and studs), Transgenders and infirm gay men need to ready up. I keep saying these wild pigs are a mess and are akin to Neanderthals.

    Feral heterosexuals are lurking about looking for these types of prey either to rape or beat. If either action leads to death, it doesn’t matter because they don’t care.

    Bringing up the topic against a panel of heterobots, you can clearly see this is the result of your inbred teachings which give feral heterosexual men (pigs) a sense of entitlement. So much so that they prey on things they believe to be weaker than their self-appointed egos, mainly to console their unsatisfied, unhinged sexual gratification and their bittersweet fantasies which are grotesque delusions at best.

    Stop calling your men Kings because they aren’t, some are peasants wandering on the outskirts of the royal court looking for an easy way in. It is not lawful for the elite to cast their pearls before swine. Neither am I inclined to promote a jester to a noble. Off with his head…

  2. Ladies need to protect themselves, and be given mace, or better yet take a self defense class when situations like this occur. These types of garages need surveillance if they want to keep the student body safe. I wish she had someone to accompany her.

    1. There should be security posted, asking for School ID and if not, School ID #. This is heartbreaking and infuriates me. She had her whole life ahead of her and is gone. And he defiled her. What is justice? What is hope?

  3. “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them.Women are afraid that men will kill them.”-Margaret Atwood

    I always worry if I express disinterest will I be called a bitch for the 100th time or will I be attacked,or worse.It’s a constant fear.We have all heard of cases of men attacking or killing women who have rejected them.Who didn’t go out with them,who didn’t dance with them at a club, so it’s always in the back of your mind.

    1. That’s actually really scary. And with the amount of people off their hitches nowadays, it’s not even safe to leave the house! It’s always the bum losers that act like that.

  4. I just want to fucking scream! I am truly convinced that the men in today’s world have a serious problem especially the black men in this society with their sick sense of entitlement are their egos that inflated that lose any and all sense of self-control? What a fucking creep and I hope that bastard gets what’s coming to him.😤😤😤

      1. racist? Nah. you need to get a grip of reality.. there’s so much toxicity coming from our community alone. Could’ve been worded better but it’s not racist.

        1. It could’ve been worded better because the wording was racist.

          I’m not refuting the tragedy or implying there isn’t work to be done.

          But using this example to say that black men are ‘especially’ problematic, and egotistical is inaccurate, biased and ignorant.

          Don’t tell me to get a grip. No matter how much we achieve, as a group, black men remain the most marginalized and demonized demographic of men. So yeah, some of us are gonna act like demons, like this nigga.

          White and Asian men out here taking over (and fucking up) the entire planet but black men are ‘especially’ entitled?


  5. I was just reading about Aniah Blanchard, and now this!! It’s not safe for these young women, I have nieces in college and I worry about their safety. I’m glad that her father is getting her trained in gun safety. Please ladies don’t go out alone at night by yourselves.

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