add “unbothered and petty like omarion” to your holiday wish list

for 2020 and beyond,
we should strive to be both as unbothered and petty as omarion.
so his x group mate from “b2k”,
is dating his baby mother,
apryl jones.
they have been taunting omarion about their relationship since they linked.
omarion had an iconic interview with “vlad tv” to show how unbothered he is.

just bravo.
well for the “petty” portion,
the scorpio in him came out today.
he decided to launch a new “millennium tour” for 2020 and welll…

not a “b2k” in sight!!!
what’s even more petty,
you announce this new tour on today’s date:

“happy birthday pineapple”

this is how you win a battle.
omarion is still a booked act out here.
it isn’t 2005,
but he is doing a lot more than a fizz or apryl jones.
i hope it was worth it.
you don’t fumble the bag like that.

later on in life,
fizz is gonna see the error in his ways in 2019.
he is feeling cocky right now,
but that will wear off eventually.

lowkey: j boog had something to say on his ig live…

fizz done fucked up other folks bags out here.
he deserves the paws on him.

13 thoughts on “add “unbothered and petty like omarion” to your holiday wish list

  1. Maybe my understanding of being unbothered is different because if Omarion was really unbothered as he said and have others have said he would not have done what he did. To me that indicates that it really bothered him and this was his way of Revenge or getting back whatever the case may be. Now I could be wrong LOL

    1. Unbothered doesn’t mean you don’t care.It means it won’t stop your life. Unbothered is your ex showing up with their current and it doesn’t make you upset.

      You can be unbothered and petty. And this is exactly what unbothered people do. Hit you where it hurts in one fell swoop. No drama. No back and forth for months. They gut you once and they’re done as you bleed out and they step over you.

  2. I’m just trying to figure out when did Omarion become a superstar like Usher. Dude has at most 5 songs and can’t tour by HIMSELF and has been “released” from 3 record labels Sony, Young Money and Maybach Group. People need to stop hyping them up.

    1. Usher is NOT a superstar. The current young generation doesn’t even know who he is.

      Usher’s superstardom ended around 2010 and even that’s pushing it. Chris Brown took his spot.

      1. Biggest reach ever. I’m not the biggest Usher fan but to say that the “current young generation” doesn’t know him is a whole ass lie. He was the biggest thing in R&B before Chris Brown.

  3. J-Boog is still fine JESUS!!!

    & maybe we need to look harder into this unbothered stuff cause to me an unbothered person wouldn’t have pulled this petty shit Omarion did today or do an interview.

  4. Fiddle diddle ain’t hurting. He still got checks from Mona Scott-Young coming in as long as his baby mama keep dragging his name up about him not being a good co-parent. Especially when he has custody of their son. Moniece gon make sure he got a check so her son can be taken care of. Apryl not hurting because she getting support from Omarion from this tour with the kids. So they relaxing she getting the “best dick ever”, he laying back doing shit. The only person who is hurting is Boogie. He ain’t getting shit but you can tell he ain’t cool with Fizz either the way he just dissed him. They was real close. Shit the way Raz B described them, they was so close Fizz sucked off Boog “allegedly”. So much for B2K. That ain’t happening EVER again.

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