people are dying left and right this year (un-happy holidays)


This has been a tough upcoming holiday season.

2019 has been the pits.
it seems many people are losing folks left and right.
in the last week

one of my bffs lost her mom over the weekend
karaoke’s friend is losing her father as we font
two others i work with recently lost their parents

it’s really tough.
i’ve been missing my parents and star fox as well.
it’s been making me have the worst anxiety.

everyone always comes to me when they lose a parent.
they know that i’m a pioneer with grieving.
one thing that comforts them a little..

We are not meant to stay here forever

our parents will leave us as they grow older.
it’s the circle of life.
we are supposed to bury our parents and not vice versa.
if they live to an older age,
consider it a blessing.

i use to remember my parent’s death dates like clockwork.
as the years went on,
i started to forget.
but i definitely don’t remember the death dates as i once did.
it takes time.
time definitely heals all wounds.

if your parents are still alive:

Cherish them

you don’t know what it’s like once they’ve left.
once they’re gone,
it can feel like a void is missing in your life.
this year,
i feel so depressed,
but it’s been a mixture of things that led me to this point.
we gonna get through it tho.

We always do.

lowkey: it’s so tough to lose parents during the holiday seasons.
i dread thanksgiving and christmas.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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