t.i. expeditiously heads to “red table talk” since he’s been dragged furiously

i really enjoy jada pinkett smith.
she is who i’d like to be.

You fuck up; you come to the foxhole and plead your case

everyone who goes on “red table talk” with jada,
her mom,
and willow always come out washed with the blood of Jesus.
t.i. made his way onto the show to talk about “hymen-gate“.
( x read that entry here )
my thoughts after the video…

“from a place of truth,
i began to embellish and exaggerate…”

so he lied then?
you know he sometimes doesn’t know the meaning of words he is saying.

i think he realized he sounded extremely ignorant tho.
he’s probably shook someone will treat his daughter like how he treated others,
including his wife.
jackals who do no good suddenly want to patrol their daughters.

karma does come back to through your children.

i mean,
he had every vixen with a pulse drag him to the pits of hell over this.
no one has taken their paws off his neck,
at all.
now i didn’t expect jada or her mom to drag him,
but i felt he got a better understanding as to why his daughter would be upset.

He legit embarrassed her.

i think his daughter should have made her way onto the show,
that would have been a great discussion that would’ve further educated him.
if she’s anything like me,
he would have been banished until further notice.
let’s hope he gets his shit together.

low-key: why was tiny there?
she looked great even tho she served no purpose.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “t.i. expeditiously heads to “red table talk” since he’s been dragged furiously”

  1. Lies. Why did his daughter unfollow him? Women put up with a lot. She probably thought it was normal or embarrassed to say something (Girl, your father does what?!” )and seeing the outrage told her that her uncomfortable feelings were warranted.

    It’s not only him. Many African and Middle Eastern cultures are like this. Where the groom’s father wants to check the woman’s hymen to ensure she’s a virgin the night before a wedding. Women have to be perfect and virginal and innocent while men are out here hoeing. Thank God I am gay. I couldn’t imagine being a hoe, while my girl has her privacy invaded and everyone’s just okay with it. And letting my father and other men humiliate her in the worst way.

    Little boys who barely know the female reproductive system. Riding a bike can rip the hymen. Exercise can rip the hymen. IT IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF VIRGINITY. It’s also NOBODY’S BUSINESS BUT HER AND HER HOO-HA!

    Most women go their entire lives without having an orgasm. Female genital mutilation is to ensure sex is not pleasurable for women. Men are barely okay with giving women fellatio feeling it emasculates them.

    Did you see DJ Khaled’s funky self saying he’d never give his wife oral? I hope she’s getting side peen from a younger, more masculine man and spends his money and leaves him soon. Maybe a sexy son of an oil sheik.

  2. “Where the f*ck did you learn how to read? Freedman’s Bureau? Did you get your GED in jail?” – Azelia Banks to Clifford.


  3. Tiny was there for public relations. You know when people fuck up they always bring their spouse or family around to show good face and to present themselves as remorseful. She’s just a prop.

    T.I is ignorant and arrogant which I cannot tolerate. I had such a crush on him too and his use of the dictionary always cracked me up. Oh well hopefully he can make a dope song and redeem himself.

  4. Unpopular opinion; while I dnt agree with the measures he took, I cnt be mad at him for not wanting his young daughter to go out here and be smutted, I mean come on, even tho we’re gay we ALL know how young dudes are! We’re been in the locker room, and how these boys talk about these girls is DISGUSTING!!! They just wanna fuck them, lie about how easy is was to do so, and honestly in today’s generation they be trying to record it and publicly humiliate these young ladies, and I know T.I. Knows this, that is why I CANT be mad at him for wanting to protect her, men and women are not the exact same, you cannot “slut shame” a male, period!

  5. I’ve been following the Foxhole for years now yet this is my first comment. I heard TI’s interview and was honestly quite shocked at what I heard. Being the optimist that I am, I initially concluded that he was coming from a place of Love and concern (tho admittedly I think most young men today seem to be reversing evolution and perpetuate the stereotypical “Caveman” attitude). I have to say that while I agree that the outcome of the initial interview sounded “controlling” to most of the human population (men included) I didn’t get that there was any malintent. I got that he was a father who was using what he knew to attempt to protect his daughter. I do agree that he and most men in his age group are not very informed about the handling of such situations, which is why I commend him on at least attempting to educate himself about it. Basically most humans (deemed the most intelligent creatures on earth…hahaha) tend to respond to things without any thought of how what they’re saying is perceived by the listeners. This is something that I think we all need work on (myself included), so when I see someone attempting to correct something that seems wrong to most people is a very good thing and should be honored especially since most people don’t attempt to correct anything they’ve said or done these days (being unremorseful has become “en vogue”). In my opinion most humans have a “problem with moving past the problem” even if the person who created the problem is trying to correct it. Everyone who has the capability of learning anything has the capability to notice when someone is honestly attempting to correct a wrong that they’ve committed. I think he’s moving in the right direction.

    Thank you for the information that you share with all of us and the inclusion you provide to all of your readers/followers!


    Totally Misunderstood

  6. um…..so the Negro goes on a celebrity friendly show who raises her kids on the other side of extreme, and goes on to tell the listeners that he was joking, that he was not literally in the room, blah blah blah. Of course the interviewers were so friendly and so inept on the ramifications of his careless comments, they let a lot of important issues deriving from the topic slide. Cannot say I am too surprised. This is what you have when entitled celebrities decide to do a Red Table Talk Show out of boredom with very little content and important learning lessons, and filled with celebrity gossip and its nothing but an insight of their boring and baseless lives.

    T.I a word of advice…STFU…JUST FUCKING STOP. The horse has already left the barn yard galloping wildly and you cant stop it. You have already fed the gross, psychopaths in this world to either go abuse and rape other young females or they are just waiting to ambush his daughter somewhere to be the first to break that cherished hymen. What the fuck’s wrong with these ‘celebrities’ ? Does it pay that much to talk fuckery all the time? Is it the way to keep them current on the lips of nothing to do, goo goo ga ga, easily impressed, low self esteemed teenagers? Oh the ills of capitalism. Everything becomes a commodity, including in this case T.I’s daughter.

  7. T.I.’s comments came from a place of ignorant patriarchy and toxic masculinity. He banging thots by the dozens & humiliating his wife yet is out here policing his daughter’s genitalia as if he OWNS her and should have any say, especially now that she is a grown woman? And he was basically proud of this bullsh!t? GTFOH!

    If he doesn’t check himself daughter might be like, I’m going liberated Black feminist rebel woman on your azz hosting a birthday gangbang with women, men and anyone else I care to invite into this puzzy to be done with your hateful ish once and forever!

  8. T.I. gets on my nerves. He thinks using all these big words makes him intelligent which in actuality he isn’t. Also why does he think he speak for all African Americans, who put that in his head? That is one ignorant & arrogant negro you can’t tell nothing. He can go away silently & I wouldn’t be upset.

  9. I have some unpopular points to make, there’s a lot to unpack. First, to start off with T.I, I think we must dispel this myth of the sophisticated /intellectual thug it doesn’t exist. I don’t want to sound elitist because I definitely understand that many people can’t attend college for various reasons, but we have to stop elevating people who haven’t put in the academic work to be considered an intellectual. You might not have attended college, but you can still pick up a book, read an article, and or expand your vocabulary. If T.I was truly the intellectual he pretends to be he would’ve been able to address the topic still making the point he was trying to make, without necessarily embarrassing his daughter in the way that he did.

    I think everyone is mad and triggered about T.I because on some level he is right and has inadvertently exposed some of the hypocrisies and contradictions that exist in our society. I in no way support his methodology but if we’re honest it’s hard not to respect the results, so let’s talk about it. The goal of any good parent is raising their child in such a way that they enter into adulthood in the best possible way with as many options as possible, usually that means having a high school diploma, having colleges and universities knocking down your door for your child to attend, hopefully somewhat physically fit, preventable disease-free, kid-free (not a teenage mother or father), mentally and emotionally stable, with some level of self-esteem and a sense of self. If I were a parent and my kid became a teenage parent or didn’t graduate high school etc. not only would I be disappointed but I would feel like a failure as a parent, don’t get me wrong I would love my kid no matter what but we live in a time where people have become too comfortable abdicating their responsibilities as parents. If a child is a failure or success (and failure is a real thing) by in large you can directly look at the parents as the cause. At the end of the day T.I and Tiny have gotten this young lady to adulthood with a check mark by many of these things if we are to believe the rumors, this young lady has her diploma, doesn’t have any kids, if she is a virgin I’m assuming STD free, and because her parents are who they are she has many opportunities that many could only imagine when we were that age.

    Something else T.I exposed is the fact that there is a difference between men and women especially when it comes to sex and having kids that has nothing to do with “Toxic masculinity” or “Patriarchy”. Don’t get me wrong if the rumors are true I don’t agree with his young sons out here doing whatever because having sex at such an early age can have lasting negative psychological impacts; over the last generation ( about 25 to 30 years) In an effort to empower women we have reduced fatherhood to simply being a paycheck and an unintended consequence of that is women not only bear the weight of pregnancy but also the weight of having to raise the kids, which implies a higher level of responsibility which means that the women/daughter who bares/and raises the kid has a higher charge than the male /son who impregnates the woman. I personally don’t agree with this, I would love to see laws that incentivize family and mandates male participation in the rearing process, but I haven’t seen that in the United States; and at this point being 2019/2020 women are on the Supreme Court, they’re senators, judges, lawyers, governors, mayors, etc. I don’t see why the laws haven’t even been attempted to be changed for more male accountability I think at this point you just can’t blame men solely anymore

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