ruth george died because she tried ignoring cat calling

some males are fuckin sick out here.
sick af.
i don’t know why they think vixens like cat calling.
that shit is so degrading and gets them ignored on the daily.
back in the day,
i remember asking a vixen about cute males who tried to holla at her on the street,
especially from cars.
as a young and immature fox who thought that kind of attention was validating,
only because i yearned for male attention like that,
i might have been flattered by the acknowledgment.
she politely said to me:

“I am not a hooker.
You will get out that car and come speak to me.”

i know one vixen who had her earphones pulled out her ears from an aggressive male.
she cursed his ass out on the train,
but what if that didn’t go like that?
it’s scary af to think.
well ruth george didn’t respond to a hyena’s cat calls.
she is dead.
this is the story via “chicago sun times“…

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