it’s time to officially say goodbye

it’s time to say goodbye

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new full moon; new me

i’ve been asking myself if i’ve been getting…

Good or bad karma these last few months?

this whole decade has been a see saw.
i think i’m getting something great,
but i end up losing more.
it’s been some bs.
it could have been tough learning lessons to set me up now.
the full moon this morning is the last of the decade.
it started at 12:12.
diddy posted something interesting about it on his ig…

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let’s be thankful this is the last thanksgiving in this decade

this is the last thanksgiving on this decade.
for me,
it’s been a wild ride from 2010 to 2019.
even in all of the fuck shit,
there was a lot to be thankful for.
i’m gonna list some things i was thankful for throughout the decade…

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