new full moon; new me

i’ve been asking myself if i’ve been getting…

Good or bad karma these last few months?

this whole decade has been a see saw.
i think i’m getting something great,
but i end up losing more.
it’s been some bs.
it could have been tough learning lessons to set me up now.
the full moon this morning is the last of the decade.
it started at 12:12.
diddy posted something interesting about it on his ig…

it is a good time to start setting intentions for what you desire.
if you have crystals,
it’s best to charge them under the moonlight on your window.
this 10 day portal is really the time to think about what you want.

I really hope you all start this new decade fresh.

we been through some rough times.
i want to be purged for 2020.
as always,
sending positive vibes your way foxhole!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “new full moon; new me”

  1. All BS. Every sign that should be my soulmate I hate. I don’t act like my sign and get on with signs I should hate. No more truth than a fortune cookie.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  2. Something is definitely about to happen. These past two months have been surreal for me. I have my window open right now and although it’s a little cool outside I’m letting some fresh energy and air in.

    Like November and into December have been highly confrontational months for me. I am usually spot on in my words & I’ve been so off that my inner conscience has been amiss for weeks. There is a huge war raging between my physical self and my spiritual awareness at the moment. I cant feel it but I strongly believe so. I think something is coming soon but I can’t tune into what it is.

    Considering how outspoken I can be on here it’s been a while since Ive felt so aimless and I’m the same offline as online, ready to be vocal and do this and then have your close people (bf) or whoever, tell you to “Just stop, be quiet…and listen sometimes. And it’s strange because my mind went blank and I shut up. No explanation..I just couldn’t find any words to say. It hit like a ton of bricks. I usually go with my strong intuition, my gut feeling because I have powerful hypersensitive vibes (mostly in person with others) and a strong activist mentality but I haven’t felt shit during this entire duration as far as direction. I do honestly believe Ive been going through and am currently in a detox cycle… One day I woke up and decided to cut my hair off and start fresh tape fade. I just woke up and decided to do it randomly for no reason except my mind was like cut it. Though I don’t currently feel anything….it’s all starting to make a little sense.

    Lord ..2020…

    1. Wasn’t feeling out of sorts supposed to be Mercury grading retro? I can’t with this. You can control only so much in life. The rest is up to chance and probability.

  3. Really don’t know for sure too much about most of that. I was kinda speaking from a personal perspective. I tend to skirt around planetary things on here to be honest. Though I have talked about being around positive & negative influences & energy & inner growth (spiritual Vibrations) from my past experiences, most of the time these days I just say something is happening. There’s probably more to this world or events that take place that I could possibly ever comprehend now. I do make perky jokes about Zodiac signs sometimes depending on my mood for laughs.

    I believe there may be possibly some truth to what Jamari is saying. Scientific data does point that people’s behavior changes depending on the Moon phases. Since the Moon’s gravity causes sea level tides to shift I think it may also affect humans in some way too since our bodies are 60% water.

    I, however, honestly don’t know how the planets position affect us which is why I usually skirt around from saying so specifically, but the way everything is meticulously “positioned” seems to at least hint that something is set up to affect something else. I can’t say for certain but I don’t think the planets are positioned the way they are just for our entertainment. If one of these planets shifted out of orbit in anyway, it would affect the next and so on. Scientifically, everything is held in this balance by the Sun’s gravitational pull and everything orbits perfectly and our position from the sun is just enough to where we don’t burn to death or become an entire planet of ice. It’s kinda like how the sun is linked to Earth’s seasons causing a change. How this affects us from a spiritual and physical point is beyond my understanding atm. It seems to be some intelligent design somewhere up in there though.

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