i woke up feeling chill today.
i think it’s the anticipation of these holidays.
i decided to control my mind and ignore the “fear” of it all.
i woke up and decided to take another nap because why not?
blackout curtains stay keeping my room like it’s midnight at noon.
after a day of light cooking and a lot of video games,
i came to this thought about this rona thanksgiving

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let’s be thankful this is the last thanksgiving in this decade

this is the last thanksgiving on this decade.
for me,
it’s been a wild ride from 2010 to 2019.
even in all of the fuck shit,
there was a lot to be thankful for.
i’m gonna list some things i was thankful for throughout the decade…

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Putting The Wrong Meat In Your Mouth Can Kill You


sometimes it’s best not to eat everyone’s food.
family can be included in this.
holiday dinners could lay you out with food poisoning.
well what if it could kill you?
you know how bad some meat can be.
well this church in califorina served a huge thanksgiving meal.
the problem is it killed 3 people.
this is the story via buzzfeed
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August Alsina Has Some New Friends Getting Him Right

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-2-15-23-pmyou know what?
i can’t…
so the foxhole remembers august “september” alsina,
^that was him at the ’16 amas looking like something out “the last dragon”.
we use to font about him a lot but then he just up and vanished.
i haven’t seen much from him since that last album.
well he has popped back up on snapchat!
guess who he snapped himself spending thanksgiving with…
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Thank You: What Jamari Fox is Thankful For

ya know,
today wasn’t so dreaded after all.
it actually went by like any other day.
i stayed in bed,
watched video games,
and updated the foxhole.
i couldn’t ask for a better day.
i would like to take time to give thanks.
i don’t do that enough.
there is a ton of positives that do happen in my life.
for instance,
i’m thankful for…
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tumblr_mwdmyavrzn1s5q5dno1_1280for many of us,
we don’t have immediate family to spend thanksgiving with.
we do have that friend who will open their family’s door to you.
well what happens when you walk in the door,
ready to meet their family,
and this cousin is in the living room taking a family picture…
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