August Alsina Has Some New Friends Getting Him Right

screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-2-15-23-pmyou know what?
i can’t…
so the foxhole remembers august “september” alsina,
^that was him at the ’16 amas looking like something out “the last dragon”.
we use to font about him a lot but then he just up and vanished.
i haven’t seen much from him since that last album.
well he has popped back up on snapchat!
guess who he snapped himself spending thanksgiving with…

jada pinkett smith and her mama.
i was waiting for a foxholer to say trey songz.
a very random pairing indeed.
now you know jada and august ( x spend a lot of time together ).
in my head,
jada has taken august under her wing.
she sees how angry he was and wants to be like a mother figure to him.
everyone else opinion however:


i was trying to be classy.
does every kind gesture have to be someone getting piped?
tumblr_n9pldou02p1so5xtno1_400-1who knows.
jada did provide him ( x a ton of books ) to get his life together.
she could have seen a very lost wolf in need of guidance.
ya’ll still saying:


well whatever is happening,
i haven’t seen any outbursts from “september” since.
let’s keep it that way.

lowkey: jada is a married older vixen.
would she really be smashin’ young august to smithereens?
is jada back on “gotham” yet?
her character had a good story line.

pictures credited: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “August Alsina Has Some New Friends Getting Him Right”

  1. I say it’s a mentor type of thing, the smiths are known to be free thinking type.we have to remember jada has experience with tortured souls since she used to be cool with pac.

  2. Sorry but August smashing Jada is the LAST thing I would think of when I see these two together. I just can’t picture it. Nope. He seems to be discovering himself, his style has gotten really animated over the past year or two

  3. August has been hanging out with the Smiths for awhile.There were many pictures of him with the kids last year,especially Jaden.He said on The Breakfast Club is pretty much estranged from his family.The Smiths are probably like a surrogate family to him.Much Ado about nothing,IMO.

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