They Killed Will Sims For The New Hateful Nation of Donald Trump

everyone say goodbye to will sims.

this story came at such an ironic time that i’ll get into later.
it really made me have to look myself,
and even the foxhole,
a lot differently because there will probably be more of “this”.
so an f-bi sent me this tragic story from the ny daily news.
i had to share it with the foxhole…

Just days after Donald Trump’s election, in El Sobrante, Calif., about 20 miles north of San Francisco, something truly terrible happened. I honestly believe it must be viewed in the context of the wave of hate crimes that swept our nation immediately after Trump’s win. Except most of us are just now learning that it took place.

Will Sims, 28, an accomplished musician and vocalist, widely hailed as a gentle, peaceful, gifted soul, was murdered in a vicious hate crime. He was targeted, robbed, beaten, then shot, and left on the street to die.When the police found him on the street on Nov. 12, he was already dead.

Police have openly stated that Sims was targeted by the three white men who killed him because he was black. Daniel Porter-Kelly, 31, of Richmond, has already been arrested and charged with murder, robbery, and a hate crime for targeting the young musician because of his race. The two additional white men who are wanted for the crime are still on the loose and expected to be armed and dangerous.


Daniel Porter-Kelly (r.) has been charged with murder of Will Sims.  Ray Simons (c.) and Daniel Ortega (l.) are identified as suspects.

The mother of one of the men was also arrested on suspicion of interfering with the investigation.

While many knew Sims as an accomplished pianist, he also played the guitar, saxophone, violin and was a respected singer with a deep, rich voice.

that is absolutely horrific,
but it’s a reality now that orange jackal is president.
you know what’s crazy?
one of my home vixens called me the other day begging me to be safe.
she told me how her home fox was jumped by some snow jackals a week ago.
they were called him a “faggot” and told him go back to his country.
he didn’t press charges out of fear.
i kid you not,
but it legit had me a little shook.
i hope they find justice for will sims.
he had so much promise and they took his life away for nothing.
i don’t understand what they got out of killing him.
you know i’m always praying for you.
i wanted to share some tips i follow that may keep you protected out here:

1 – make sure you know you who are really hooking up with off chat sites.
don’t invite any randoms to your crib.
if you decided to take them home/hotel

always meet at a police station first.
this isn’t 100% effective and meeting strangers is always a risk.

2 – ( x uber ) and ( x lyft ).
if you are going somewhere you aren’t familiar with,
or you are leaving somewhere late,
utilize those apps to get you home or to a nearest train station.
do not walk in any strange neighborhoods alone.

3 – let someone know where you are going.
tell one person at least so you create a trail.

4 – your phone is a gps.
our phones are not just for texting/selfies/live videos.
at a press of a button,
you can send your friends in a text your exact location.
i know for my iphone,
you can send your location to someone for a certain time or forever.
the apple watch now has a feature you can press a button to call 911.
it will also send your emergency contacts a message as well.

5 – update your medical id information on your phone.
if something happens,
it has all the info in that to let medical officials know.giphy
i think that’s it.
if there is anything else you follow in your day to day life,
please leave it in the comments.
the foxhole needs some new life hacks to keep us safe.
be careful out there.

article taken: the new york times

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “They Killed Will Sims For The New Hateful Nation of Donald Trump”

  1. ….and get a gun and learn how to use it! Sorry, it’s the Texan in me. I plan to become efficient in using all firearms in the next year.

    I also do Thai Boxing twice a week and have started working with a Shotokhan Karate instructor.

    Run up if you want to…lol

    1. ^we cant even have guns in new yawk!!!
      i was ready to get strapped.
      i ain’t got the sense for anyone to run up on me with the madness.

      so now ima have to get some boxing lessons lol

      1. That’s enough for me to not to ever live there. Lol

        I have no patience for any man that can’t defend himself, especially a black man. That goes for gay, straight, or drag queen.

      2. We can have them in New York Jamari. There’s a very strict protocol and procedure though. We can definitely be armed in New York City. Believe that bro.

      3. You can have them, but you have to get a special license to carry though. But it’s too dangerous to even do that!

  2. Sadly, I believe we will see more incidents like this in 2017. Not necessarily murders, but definitely assaults.
    Someone puts their hands on me, it’s a wrap! I’ll be living my worst nightmare…me going to jail.

  3. Hacks on these sites who hit u up and immediately give a phone number without a hello…name…pic OR..pick up line…nuthin but a number…Beware! Step up ya game fellas.

  4. Jamari it’s funny you mention the whole phone safety protocol and leaving a trail there have been a few times in the past where the fleeting thought of “what if sumn goes bad” runs across my mind…if it did and my phone was discovered, there would be lil authorities could go on since I’ve always had password protection on my phone which would render any investigative endeavors useless – unless they consult the group that finally hacked into that phone after Apple pushed back in their assistance earlier this year…

    Someone with app dev expertise should create and market an app that you can set delayed alarm notifications to a predeternined person(s) from your contacts that u trust and don’t mind kinda bein in ya biz a lil. say, u plan to venture out or dare to hookup with someone and u project the hot session will take an hour….well after an hour, u can either cancel or snooze it…but if u miss it, then u can have it set to 5-10 min or whatever before it will send a text and/or automated call to your trusted contact telling them to call you to do a phone wellness check or what have you. If they still don’t hear back from you for a while, then they have the discretion to call the authorities and the app will of course have the gps coordinates of where u are. ..or sumn to that effect. ..there has to be an app for this already though, there’s one fit everything else.

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